KOS Collection

29 of February '20

KOS furniture family

KOS chairs

Kos chair made of solid oak with semi-circular backrest combined with armrests is exceptionally comfortable thanks to the contoured shape of the backrest and seat. Calm overall impression is rich in details - undercut legs on which the seat rests, broken front of the seat, shaded backrest create a unique chair. The chair is stable, durable. In a set good for a table at home or a restaurant. Single will work well at a home desk or in a hotel room.

KOS tables

Kos oak table with a broken longer edgę of the table, which makes people sitting next to each other facing more towards each other. The subtle change in the line of the table's edge affects interactions, promotes conversation, and changes the classic layout of the rectangular table. The solid oak legs and frame provide a strong structure. A carefully selected veneer is laid on the tabletop. A variant of the table with a solid wood top is also available. The table is finished with water varnish or oil. It comes in natural or anthracite coloration.

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