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Architecture in Fashion - Virtual Reality in the Design of the Future

30 of June '22

On June 17, 2022, in Krakow's atmospheric Forum Hall, we could see the first graduation work made with Virtual Reality technology and eleven graduation collections presented during a fashion show. All the designs were made at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in the Textile and Fashion Design Studio. The evening was inaugurated by the premiere of an unusual film.

Every year, the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, prepares an exhibition of works by its students from all departments. This year, the Textile and Fashion Design Studio, operating at the Faculty of Interior Design under the direction of Dr. Anna Pyrkosz and assistant Anna Syczewska, organized a presentation of graduation works made over the past four years in the form of a fashion show.

The film "Designing the Future"

© Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

"Designing the Future"

The event took place in the Forum Hall - Hol Club, and the gala was hosted by Mateusz Gladki - journalist and TVN presenter. At the beginning, he introduced the gathered guests to the idea of the "Designing the Future" project, which lasted from 2018-2022 and was subsidized by the National Research and Development Center.

During the four years of the project, students learned about new technologies, developed their interdisciplinary competencies and collaborated with various companies, gaining a solid background and an easier start in the design market. The culmination of this work was a film composed of seven chapters, depicting the various activities carried out as part of the project: FASHION STARTUP, FASHION STARTUP GALLERY, inAW JOURNAL - MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC MAGAZINE, COOPERATION WITH EXPERTS, DESIGN WORKSHOPS and other events, including: annual trips to Milan for design exhibitions.

W trakcie pokazu zaprezentowano 11 kolekcji

11 collections were presented during the show

photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

fashion show

The clou of the evening was a show directed by Maciej Majzner, who also took care of the musical setting, consisting of pieces by Polish artists. The first to present their works were first-year male and female students - the collection was called "Sketches."

Then came the long-awaited, most important element of the program: a show of graduates' works. We could admire eleven collections and almost a hundred silhouettes. The first to be presented were diplomas made in 2018-2020.

Monika Kowalska "FRAME"

[author's description].

Architectural construction in relation to man, to his structure, which is the skeletal system, became the starting point for the creation of silhouette models. The "FRAME" collection is an example of interdisciplinary spatial design, contained in several consistently developed clothing models.

Monika Kowalska, kolekcja „FRAME”Monika Kowalska, kolekcja „FRAME”

Monika Kowalska, "FRAME" collection.

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

Sylwia Kliszcz "KOKESHI"

[author's description].

Japanese inspirations in geometric forms. Playing with color, contrast and solids. Strong cubist forms create an interesting graphic composition.

Sylwia Kliszcz, kolekcja „KOKESHI” Sylwia Kliszcz, kolekcja „KOKESHI”

Sylwia Kliszcz, "KOKESHI" collection.

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

Zuzanna Włodarz "BOSOZOKU"

[author's description].

The name of the Japanese subculture (motorcycle gangs), became the starting point for the development of a collection rich in diversity of forms, patterns, colors. Noteworthy is the implementation of accessory designs, complementing the entire presentation. Leather accessory prototypes were created thanks to cooperation with Benericetti Poland.

Zuzanna Włodarz, kolekcja „BOSOZOKU” Zuzanna Włodarz, kolekcja „BOSOZOKU”

Zuzanna Wlodarz, "BOSOZOKU" collection.

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

Daria Plastinina "TROPE OF THE BOW AND SHOT".

[author's description].

A proposal of clothing for people who practice shooting in the field. The personal interests of the author, supported by a thorough analysis of the topic were reflected in the collection of clothing. The work was realized in cooperation with ALPHA S.A.

Daria Plastinina, kolekcja „TROPEM ŁUKU I STRZAŁ” Daria Plastinina, kolekcja „TROPEM ŁUKU I STRZAŁ”

Daria Plastinina, collection "TRIP OF THE ARC AND SHOOT".

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

Bartłomiej Ziemba "GRAFFITI"

[author's description].

This collection was inspired by urban graffiti as a form of expression in reference to the message contained in the coat models. Simple raw silhouettes with a military character are like a blank canvas to express the author's pacifist attitude.

Bartłomiej Ziemba, kolekcja „GRAFFITI” Bartłomiej Ziemba, kolekcja „GRAFFITI”

Bartłomiej Ziemba, "GRAFFITI" collection.

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

Oswald Korczynski "ORNARE"

[author's description].

Architectural detail became the starting point for the construction of the garment form. Full of lightness collection inspired by the art of the Rococo era, especially the importance of detail, ornament. Femininity and airiness was maintained in pastel colors.

Oswald Korczyński, kolekcja „ORNARE”  Oswald Korczyński, kolekcja „ORNARE”

Oswald Korczynski, "ORNARE" collection.

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

Anna Kaniewska "LICHNES"

[author's description].

A painterly proposal to reflect the climate of the nature of old England in hand-dyed fabrics. An example of a project based on the principle of "zero waste". An important aspect of the collection is the materials of natural origin used in the designs. Each of the materials used was subjected to transformation in terms of obtaining the desired color or new textures, and all fragments of fabrics, offcuts left over from the execution of the designs, were used in their entirety to create a new model that became part of the collection (the jabot dress). The collection received the award for the best diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2020.

Anna Kaniewska, kolekcja „LICHNES” Anna Kaniewska, kolekcja „LICHNES”

Anna Kaniewska, "LICHNES" collection.

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

virtual dimension of imagery

Of particular note is Zuzanna Gietner 's collection "Mara. Virtual Dimension of Imaginations," which is the first thesis that was made entirely in Virtual Reality technology.

Kolekcja Mara

"Mara" is an attempt to transfer ancient imaginations into the digital world

© Zuzanna Gietner

"Mara" is a representation of beliefs in folk tradition and an attempt to transfer ancient imagery into the digital world. The design process was carried out simultaneously with the traditional design method and with the use of programs that allow virtual design. In working on the collection, Prof. Alberto Campagnolo shared his experience with the graduate student.

The project was created thanks to a special application for realizing projects in VR, created at the Studio of Textile and Fashion Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow within FASHION STARTUP. This didactic tool will be used in the future for future years.

Zuzanna Gietner, kolekcja „Mara. Wirtualny Wymiar Wyobrażeń” Zuzanna Gietner, kolekcja „Mara. Wirtualny Wymiar Wyobrażeń”

Zuzanna Gietner, collection "Mara. Virtual Dimension of Imagination"

photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

In the second part of the show, graduates presented diplomas made in 2020-2022.

Karyna Milchina "ECHO OF AFRICA"

[author's description].

The fascination with the culture and nature of the African continent, the richness of forms, patterns and colors of Africa was presented in the silhouettes of this collection. In it, the author emphasizes the importance of the intermingling of cultures in the context of the correct direction of the impact of globalization on the fashion industry. The designs were made in accordance with sustainable development. The patterns, structures and dyes were made by the author's own hands.

Karyna Milchina, kolekcja „ECHO AFRYKI” Karyna Milchina, kolekcja „ECHO AFRYKI”

Karyna Milchina, "ECHO OF AFRICA" collection.

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

Aleksandra Boczar "lazy fashion".

[author's description].

Linen, its utilitarian properties and the possibility of expanding its use, is the main premise for the creation of this collection. Built from simple forms, the silhouettes, inspired by minimalism, Japanese martial arts and Zen philosophy, emphasize the advantages of the material used, and the effects of the printing and dyeing experiments carried out enrich the aesthetic and utilitarian properties of linen fabric. The work on the texture of the fabrics was made possible through collaboration with industry experts.

Aleksandra Boczar, kolekcja „LENIWA MODA” Aleksandra Boczar, kolekcja „LENIWA MODA”

Aleksandra Boczar, collection "SLOW MODA".

photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

Malwina Nowak "VENUS AS A BOY"

[author's description].

The collection is a manifesto expressing the author's personal view of one of today's most important social problems of gender identification. A bold and full of expressive design decisions proposal of the author. Noteworthy is the fact of independent production of knitted structures used in the models. Work on the collection was carried out in cooperation with DUO.

Malwina Nowak, kolekcja „VENUS AS A BOY” Malwina Nowak, kolekcja „VENUS AS A BOY”

Malwina Nowak, collection "VENUS AS A BOY".

Photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki


[author's description].

Collection of handbag accessories, an example of a modular design solution. Function and aesthetics enclosed in simple forms that are at the same time an attempt to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Combining by interweaving individual models is designed to facilitate the carrying of daily baggage and evenly distribute its weight. Prototypes of the models were made in cooperation with DUO.



photo: Radoslaw Nawrocki

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

The unique activities of students and lecturers of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow could be realized thanks to the POWER Project subsidized by the National Center for Research and Development entitled "Designing the Future". - development program of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow for 2018 - 2022. Substantive manager of the project: Prof. Beata Gibała-Kapecka.

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