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"Design out of the box. Exhibition of students of the Katowice Academy of Fine Arts

18 of June '20

We invite you to an exhibition of works by students and graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, inspired by the new master's degree program. The exhibition, which runs until July 20, features innovative tools, typefaces, designer projects and even medical devices.

new curriculum

The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice is expanding the specialties of graphic design, visual communication, product design and multimedia, with two new specified programs. The first is Inclusive Design: Health and Social Well-Being. This is a new interdisciplinary design education program that prepares graduates to take on complex design challenges. These challenges are to address areas related to enhancing the quality of life and caring for the health of audiences by including them in the design process in various design disciplines: from services or applications, to designing medical equipment, to co-creating places or events and strengthening the bonds of local communities.
The second program is Designing Reading Experience and Interactive Storytelling developing skills related to designing reading experience and storytelling based on narrative, interaction and time-based media. The result of the new curriculum is improved language and teamwork skills. In addition, participants gain access to current resources and design trends through collaboration with experts from abroad.

design at krakow exhibition

The exhibition at the Tetmajera 83 gallery in Krakow features projects that were created at the Design and Graphic Design faculties of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The participants of the exhibition are:

  • Joanna Ambroz,
  • Klaudia Golaszczyk,
  • Aleksandra Kaszuba,
  • Weronika Mehr,
  • Katarzyna Olejarczyk,
  • Martyna Piątek,
  • Dajana Wejchert,
  • Karolia Wisniewska,
  • Klaudia Żmuda.

During the event, you can admire, among others, Klaudia Żmuda's design of a housing for a telemedical device that allows remote ultrasound examination of a patient, an object commemorating the dead designed by Martyna Piątek. In turn, Katarzyna Olejarczyk created an animated visual identity for the Festival of Forms of Visual Communication. Another interesting exhibit is the work of Weronika Mehr, a set of typefaces inspired by Mikolow signs, and a design for informational materials entitled How to Become a Foster Family by Dajana Wejchert.


  • duration: until July 20 this year.
  • place: 83 Tetmajera Gallery, Cracow

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Gallery Tetmajera 83

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