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A celebration of rural life. The Doświtek project in Rytwiany

01 of July '21

The design by Dominika Cichoń of the Wrocław University of Technology takes us to Rytwian, a small, picturesque village known for its Hermitage of the Golden Forest (a Pokamedulski monastery), where wine culture has been developing for some time. The student, referring to the tradition of building in the Świętokrzyskie province, designed Doświtek - a winery with accommodation and catering facilities.

Doświtek is an Old Polish term for the moment just before sunrise, pre-dawn. The project "Doświtek - winery as a focal point of social life in Rytwiana", which is a master's thesis, was made under the direction of Dr. Marek Lamber and received third prize in the Wroclaw edition of the SARP Zbyszek Zawistowski's Diploma of the Year competition.

Doświtek, winiarnia
w Rytwianach

The main part of the project around the buildings is the Way of Celebration

© Dominika Cichoń

contemporary provincialism

This project is a journey in search of contemporary provincialism, understood positively, not pejoratively. It is to capture, process and record the DNA of a place, the DNA of locality. It is to create a portrait of the land, illustrating and highlighting what is beautiful and valuable in the area. These values are the local customs and traditions, history, people and landscape. Referring to the tradition and history of building, I emphasize the motifs of buildings along the road, backyards and the division of the land into narrow strips of so-called " Świętokrzyskie ties," says Dominika Cichoń.

Doświtek, rzuty

Doświtek is a vineyard with accommodation and catering facilities

© Dominika Cichoń

According to the author's assumptions, the complex would make it possible to organize all traditional events in an appropriate setting, from family events (weddings, communions, baptisms, anniversaries) to community events (such as harvest festivals, festivities and holidays).

Small Polish towns suffer from a kind of province complex. Their residents are a little ashamed, a little repressed by the fact that certain trends are getting there late. But what if this is their forte? Trivial and insignificant fashions fade and lose their impact before they get there, while significant and profound trends take hold. Getting out of the middle of the whirlpool of events and processes gives the opportunity to look at them from a distance, a holistic view that we lack so much these days. The province has this opportunity to stand back and see from a different perspective," adds Dominika Cichoń.

Życie mieszkańców
wsi skupia się wokół drogi

The author emphasizes the tradition of building along the road

© Dominika Cichoń

road of celebration

The main part of the project, around which more buildings are being built, is the Celebration Road running to the top of the hill - leading through the most important points in the village: the school, the TSO, the community office, the church, the sawmill and local manufacturers. The road is off-limits to motorized traffic to allow for leisure and celebration of all occasions on it.


the premise is being built in stages along the road

© Dominika Cichoń

The road runs through the Dosvitek establishment, which is to become another stop on the village map. A place where residents come to work, store, go to the workshop, have Sunday lunch or go out for a walk and sit on a bench with a view. Doświtek would include a wedding house with a courtyard where residents could celebrate customs and traditions.

construction in stages

The architectural premise would be built in stages - depending on the current financial capabilities of the owners. The first to stand would be the vineyard, followed by the winery, the owners' house and service facilities for additional income - a wedding house, catering and accommodation. There would also be space for the development of crafts - carpentry and ceramics - in Dosvitek.

Winnica w Rytwianach, moduł stodoły

modular construction

© Dominika Cichoń

Doświtek would be characterized by gradualism also in form and construction. The complex would be built on a modular grid, which would allow further modules to be added in a harmonious way and make the layout susceptible to change. In creating the design grid, the author used an 8 by 15 meter rectangular module and a barn motif.

z wapienia

The staggered modules create communication spaces

© Dominika Cichoń

The modules were then pulled apart to create communication spaces. The stone barn frames are first placed in the modules, in the second step the frames are topped with a wooden canopy, and in the third step the frames are filled from the inside with walls. The structures would be constructed from local materials, namely limestone and wood. This is because buildings constructed of limestone are one of the characteristic elements of this part of the region. On the facade, on the other hand, the author used planks of fired wood.

w rytwianach

The buildings were made of local materials: stone and fired wood

© Dominika Cichoń

winery and owners' house

The winery was divided into three zones corresponding to the three, main stages of production. Each successive one is placed one meter lower to take advantage of gravity in the production process. The initial stages are located next to the farm fields, while the last stages are located next to the Celebration Road and the gastronomy area, which also houses the wine store. The house was designed on the highest point of the site, on the eastern side of the plot overlooking the forest. The first floor is a private area, while the first floor is a family and guest area. Adjacent to the house, space has been set aside for a vegetable garden, a banya, a chicken coop and an area for feasts.

Dom weselny

The buildings are characterized by a light-colored stone facade

© Dominika Cichoń

wedding house

The wedding house is a versatile banquet hall with a dance floor that can host a variety of activities, from family events to conferences and team-building events. The building is framed by two courtyards - an outdoor access courtyard and an indoor courtyard for outdoor celebrations. To the left of the wedding hall is a sanitary junction with toilets. To the right will be a crafts workshop open to the public. The restaurant will be placed on the western side overlooking the farmlands and Rytwiany. Meanwhile, accommodations will gain a view of the Golden Forest.

Sala bankietowa

The versatile banquet hall is designed for a variety of activities

© Dominika Cichoń

The project is also intended to record and tell the story of the development and shaping of the site. I want to refer to the function that Rytwiany historically had as a local center of social life and entrepreneurship and restore it in the designed establishment. Doświtek is an attempt to answer the question, what is a modern village? - concludes the author.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the project of an alternative housing development, be sure to read the article about the urban village.

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