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01 of July '20

Outdoor blinds, sunshades and soundproofing
From the series "Modern facade and wall materials - 2020 trends"

MORAD lamella systems, which are used to create blinds and sunshades on building facades, so far mostly used in industrial, office or hotel construction, have been well known to designers for years. Architectural trends are now clearly indicating a fashion for this type of solution in residential construction as well, and designers are creating unique, weather-resistant structures, introducing laths as a decorative element not only on the outside, but also inside buildings.

Why laths?

The answer to why is simple. Laths can be easily adapted to the facades of different buildings and their needs in the interior. Different depths, sizes and cross-sections of extruded profiles (elliptical, rectangular) and different lengths of barbs allow for any combination and application. Installation of the laths is carried out using system brackets directly to the fixed facade or, in the case of glass facades, to the transom-post facade. Alternatively, the lamellas are placed in a frame or on a rail, which are fixed directly to the ground or to various types of substructures most commonly found in technical development on building roofs.

Zestawienie lameli poziomych i pionowych na jednej elewacji

Combination of horizontal and vertical lamellas on a single façade


Vertical or horizontal?

Most often used on the outside of a building, laths create a striking façade development vertically or horizontally performing a practical function. Laths mounted to the facade horizontally protect against weather, sun, wind and rain. Mounted vertically, they perform a decorative function and shield from the prying eyes of passersby.

Osłona na urządzenia techniczne

Cover for technical equipment


Manual or electric control? Controlled amount of light in the room....

It is worth noting that Morad lamella systems are controlled manually or with an electric actuator allowing the angle of the lamellas to be adjusted. Manual control is carried out by means of a handle, and works well for applications in a small area. Electric control is done with an electric actuator and requires no effort on our part.

Shades and blinds are excellent at reducing the sun's rays coming into the room giving a sense of comfort.

Eliptic lamella system

Eliptic ME-Electric System Eliptic

Eliptic ME-Electric System
Eliptic ME-Electric

Eliptic ME-Electric system

Aluminum lamella system with adjustable tilt angle for outdoor use. The system is equipped with control of the amount of light entering the premises regulated manually with controllers or fully automated operating on the basis of a collected series of values of weather conditions. In both cases, the executive elements of the regulation are electric actuators. The active system of regulating the amount of light entering the rooms allows saving energy used by air conditioning while maintaining optimal lighting.


TheEliptic lamella system is an innovative system of sunshades, thanks to which the heating of buildings can be reduced.

Another group of lamellas are Z-shaped acoustic lamellas filled with mineral wool. Acoustic laths effectively dampen noise and are used wherever, in addition to the aesthetic installation of technical equipment, such as air conditioners, attenuation of the noise emitted by these devices is required. Z-shaped laths without filling are used for the construction of canopies, grilles and ventilation chimneys. Then the above-mentioned elements primarily perform the function of protection from the weather.

Acoustic lamella systems are used wherever high airflow and adequate noise attenuation are required.

Sonar lamella system

lameli aluminiowych Morad Sonar System
lameli aluminiowych Morad Sonar

System lameli aluminiowych Morad Sonar System
lameli aluminiowych Morad Sonar

Morad Sonar aluminum fin system

This is a solution characterized by high efficiency and innovation. The lamella facades are made of extruded aluminum and have a 50 mm thick mineral wool filling. We offer acoustic aluminum laths in RAL color and raw version, in two variants with different parameters: MD.160 and MD.250. On special request, aluminum acoustic laths with anodized coating are available. Anodizing will make the aluminum more resistant to corrosion and mechanical trauma. This will make the lamellar wall even more durable and not susceptible to harmful weather conditions.


SONAR lamella systems have a mineral wool filling, thanks to which we gain high acoustic insulation.

Examples of applications

The great advantage of lamellas is their universal nature and compatibility. In fact, the types of applications depend on the imagination of the designer. Used indoors in residential construction, lamellas make excellent partitions and successfully replace partition walls, used outdoors as "fixed partitions on balconies" to separate from neighbors, "on the roof" or "on the rail in the window" make an ideal movable sun partition.

Nietypowe zastosowanie lameli — zabudowa osiedli mieszkaniowych. Przegroda balkonowa od góry i z boku © MORAD

An unusual application of lamellas - the development of housing estates. Balcony partition from above and from the side


Color matters

The laths are available in all RAL colors. They can be coated with anodized coating, which has anticorrosive and insulating effects. The coating is also used for additional aesthetic qualities and is covered with a coating that imitates wood. Lamellar facades are also available in a raw version.

We support designers at the design stage

To meet the needs of designers and implementers, Morad has developed object libraries (BIM), from which specialists can download files with CAD drawings, models of the entire structure and details, offered lamella and blind systems, as well as window and door, facade, and balustrade systems.

Deciding on Morad's offer for lamella systems, we gain:

  • lamella systems meeting the highest quality criteria
  • an attractive visual effect combined with modern functionality
  • easy installation and compatible elements for connecting systems
  • assurance of quality, thanks to cooperation with a leader operating on the market for 30 years

For more information, visit the company's MORAD Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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