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Emilia Woch - "Pub with a small music stage. Reconstruction and arrangement of a former meeting place in Moszczenica".

14 of October '21
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Name: "Pub with a small music stage. Reconstruction and arrangement of a former meeting place in Moszczenica".
Author: Emilia Woch
Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi, Faculty of Design Arts

Dr. Rafał Lamorski

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2020/2022".

In modern times, popular leisure activities are going out to bars, pubs or concert clubs. This allows us to break away from everyday life, spend an evening communing with music, in the company of friends. Music brings people together, allows us to relax and stimulates the senses. In the past, people had fun and relaxed at dances held in restaurants and cafes. Cultural and entertainment activities in catering establishments were an additional service providing consumers with a lasting experience that regenerated their mental strength.

Nowadays it is difficult to find a place where we can dine and listen to our favorite music. Commonly known clubs offer us only music and alcoholic beverages. Therefore, I decided to design a club that would offer all these attractions and refer to the old form of entertainment, which were dances.

Pub z małą
sceną muzyczną, wizualizacja wnętrza

The characteristic furnishings are navy blue sofas and pouffes

© Emilia Woch

In the project I presented the interior of an intimate music pub. The main idea is to give the building I designed a new function. Previously, the building was a place for performances of the theater circle, choir rehearsals took place here. The project involves the creation of a new meeting place. Remembering the artistic history of the building, I decided to expand the facility with a music stage and a dance floor. I turned two atriums into one spacious consumer room.

Pub z małą
sceną muzyczną, rozbudowa obiektu

The author decided to expand the former facility

© Emilia Woch

My goal was primarily an aesthetic metamorphosis. I wanted to show the grandeur and elegance of the interior. The characteristic furnishings are navy blue sofas and pouffes, as well as visually light tables. In turn, the musical atmosphere is given to the interior by pictures of musicians and instruments, such as guitars, hung on the walls.

Pub muzyczny, widok
z zewnątrz

music pub, view from outside

© Emilia Woch

I assumed to create an interior that would refer to intimate music clubs. However, I did not want the room to be identified with a particular musical genre. The facility is designed for small bands playing any kind of music: from rock bands, blues bands, vocal performances to small instrumental groups. Any music lover should feel comfortable staying at this venue.

 Pub z małą
sceną muzyczną, wizualizacja wnętrza

The bar is highlighted with green and blue colors

© Emilia Woch

The windows in the reception hall were enlarged, and I also gave them a stylized form. In the rest of the building, I decided to eliminate the walls forming small rooms in order to make room for toilets for guests and staff, a social room and kitchen facilities. The building has been adapted for people with mobility impairments.

Pub z małą
sceną muzyczną, rzut i układ funkcjonalny

The checkerboard floor is also acharacteristic element

© Emilia Woch

The area of the hall, excluding the stage and dance floor, is 122 square meters. In ordinary dining establishments, the area per consumer is 1.4 to 1.6 square meters. In the designed pub, therefore, the expected number of seats is 76 to 87. This number determines the size and equipment of each room. The arrangement of the tables is important, it should provide comfortable use and allow the movement of wait staff. To this end, a passageway should be left every two rows. A favorable width of the table is from 80 to 85 centimeters. In my design, I used tables with a diameter of 90 centimeters, the most comfortable for 4 people (they can fit one more person).

Scena w pubie

The stage is an undersized podium

© Emilia Woch

I depicted the stage intended for musical performances in the form of an undersized podium. The place is illuminated by sconces placed between the windows. Through its glazing, the newly created part gives the impression of being light, not overwhelming and modern. In the main room there is a bar, where cocktails and desserts are prepared and served. It is highlighted with green and blue colors. The interior is kept to a minimal color scheme. Shades of gray, a combination of green and navy blue add to its nobility. This is complemented by gold elements appearing on the walls, in photo frames, as elements of tables and chairs and in the form of lamps. The appropriate composition of the materials used in designing the floor affects the aesthetic perception of the interior, so I decided to use a checkerboard on the floor, which creates a base for the other elements of the interior and harmonizes with them.

Emilia WOCH

Illustrations: © Author

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