Minimalist elegance. Københagen Outstanding Urban Furniture. Holmen collection

14 of February '22

Minimalist elegance. Københagen Outstanding Urban Furniture. Holmen collection

Holmen is modern urban furniture by Københagen Outstanding. Products from this collection are distinguished by their delicate, openwork form and unusual solutions.

small architecture - elements of the collection

The idea behind the collection was to create modern city benches that will allow you to arrange a comfortable area for relaxing and meeting outdoors. Therefore, the collection includes:

  • classic three-person and four-person benches without a backrest,
  • L-shaped city benches,
  • benches with a built-in plant pot,
  • benches with a low backrest - comfortable for sitting and conversation,
  • Benches-sofas - a dream place for relaxation.

When designing an outdoor recreation area, it is worth matching benches with suitable tables with a top length of 150 cm or 180 cm. On the shorter sides of the table you can install stools and on the longer sides - benches without a backrest. In this way, the tables will accommodate more people. The collection is ideal for a variety of public spaces: in green parks and city squares, next to modern office buildings or surrounded by classic Old Town buildings.

The collection also includes a bar set, which consists of a high table and four hockers with footrests. The individual elements can be purchased separately and arrange the designed dining area as desired. The collection also includes other elements of small architecture:

  • plant pots,
  • urban trash garbage cans with a roof,
  • U-shaped metal bicycle stands.

design and materials

The Holmen small architecture is one of the most subtle in its simplicity of the Københagen Outstanding collection. Wooden plank seats and tops are mounted on a frame of powder-coated steel. Narrow legs add lightness to the solid metal structure. The delicate shade of dove white further emphasizes the elegant character of the furniture. If the color presented does not match your design, we can cover the steel elements with any color from our rich palette of up to 140 colors.

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