BRYZA PVC gutter system

08 of November '23

BRYZA PVC gutter system is a product with an established market position. It has been an indicator of quality and reliability for years. A range of eight colors in four sizes provides a wide range of possibilities and allows you to choose the right system for each building.

Reliable tightness, ease of installation and a set of accessories allow not only the drainage of rainwater, but also its effective recovery. The BRYZA PVC gutter system offers economical, innovative and ergonomic products. Corners with an adjustable opening angle of 120°-145° facilitate the installation of the gutter system for non-standard roofs. They speed up the installation process, do not require gluing, eliminate the need for welding corners. Rainwater reclaimer adapted for downpipes with diameters of 63, 90 and 110 mm, offered complete with a connection and allowing the connection of a garden hose, makes it possible to drain rainwater to a tank. An additional cap makes it possible to close the drain from the reclaimer if necessary. The element that connects the gutter system to the rainwater drainage system with a diameter of 110 mm is the settling tank, which as a standard is adapted to drain pipes with a diameter of 110 mm, and after using an appropriate reduction also to the diameters of 100, 90 and 63 mm. It comes in four color versions: brown, graphite, gray and black. The primary function of the settling tank is to trap pollutants flowing from the roof of the building and prevent them from entering the rainwater drainage system. It is equipped with a large settling basket connected to a tilting lid, which allows for easy removal of dirt.

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