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19 of November '23

Modern Flush Mounted Systems in Bathrooms –
Advantages of Concealed Boxes

A key aspect of Deante boxes is their convenient installation, which can be divided into two stages: preliminary and final. The first stage is the mounting of the box along with the internal components, and the second stage is the installation of surface-mounted components. This allows the user to install the box much earlier, and choose the external elements at any time, matching the style with the rest of the fixtures. The universal design of the flush-mounted boxes also makes it easy to replace a mixer tap with a thermostatic one and vice versa. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities for creating and customizing the bathroom space.

ALPINIA - zestaw prysznicowy podtynkowy z BOXem mieszaczowym

ALPINIA - concealed shower set with mixer BOX


Installing a concealed system not only makes cleaning easier, but also optically enlarges the room. Devoid of external pipes and unnecessary elements, concealed boxes minimize visual chaos, creating the impression of more space.

All box components are made of the highest quality materials. Brass and high-quality plastic ensure not only aesthetics, but also guarantee the long-term reliability of the product.

BOX - nieograniczone możliwości tworzenia

BOX — unlimited possibilities of creation


Concealed boxes are an excellent solution for those looking for modern, durable and aesthetically refined solutions for their bathrooms. Combining high quality workmanship, functionality and aesthetics, they are the answer to the needs of modern bathroom interior design.

Save water in the bathroom with Sense sensor faucets

Sensor faucet technology is revolutionizing the way we use water, ensuring that water consumption is optimized. The operation of the faucet is based on contactless actuation — simply place your hands within the range of the sensor, which automatically causes water to flow. When the hands disappear from the area registered by the sensor, the faucet immediately turns off.

SENSE - bateria umywalkowa bezdotykowa bez regulacji temperatury

SENSE — touchless basin faucet without temperature control


Sense faucets are unique, thanks to a number of innovative solutions:

  • Duoimpulse sensor: a sensor that draws current by pulse. This is a new generation sensor that draws current on impulse, i.e. when the water jet is opened and closed. Such a solution allows the faucet to be used comfortably, with minimal power consumption.
  • Best materials. The faucet is made of 304 stainless steel. In addition, in a brushed finish, the surface structure is extremely durable, resistant to scratches and cleaning products.
  • No outlet? Not a problem. Sense also comes in a battery-powered version. You can choose between models that are plugged in with a power adapter or run on batteries - 4xAA. No worries, these batteries last for a very long time, as the current is drawn in pulses.
  • Anti-vandal design. The sensor battery has an armored housing made of 3-mm stainless steel. It is equipped with a movable aerator, which is deeply embedded in the body. This solution provides additional protection against damage or destruction of this element.
  • Power supply with a high protection factor IP54. Protection against dust and against water droplets from any direction. Safety type power supply with galvanic separation between the transformer windings. This means that the output of the power supply is safely isolated from the mains supply voltage.
  • High-isolation supply hoses. The use of non-metallic braided hose further enhances safety by increasing isolation between electrical components and water.
  • Saving space under the countertop. The electro-valve is located in the body, so it does not take up additional space under the countertop. Fixing the Sense faucet is quick and easy with the help of the mounting sleeve, which is included in the set.

SENSE - bateria umywalkowa bezdotykowa bez regulacji temperatury

SENSE — touchless washbasin faucet without temperature control


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