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19 of November '23

Climate change means alternating our relationship to water. The UN estimates that global demand for water will increase by 55 percent by 2050, while reserves of available water will dwindle.

Greater awareness of this vital resource needed for personal care, showering, bathing and flushing the toilet can significantly reduce consumption, as well as water bills.

SensoWash® D-Neo

SensoWash® D-Neo


Daily water saving tips

Turning off the water briefly while washing your hands, teeth or shaving is a particularly effective way to reduce daily water consumption. Taking shorter showers reduces consumption by about 12 liters per minute for conventional faucets. It also makes sense to quickly repair leaking faucets and accessories, or even replace them with new, water-saving variants.

Water- and energy-saving faucets and showerheads

Innovative and water-saving solutions are a logical choice — whether you are planning a new bathroom or renovating an old one. They contribute to sustainable water consumption in the bathroom without compromising comfort. Basin faucets with AirPlus technology enrich the water with air, providing a full, gentle stream while reducing water and energy costs.

Bateria Wave

Wave faucet


The MinusFlow function limits the water flow of faucets to a maximum of 5.5 l/min to 3.5 l/min, and reduces water consumption in basin faucets and hand showers by up to 40 percent, and up to 60 percent for showerheads.

The reduction in water consumption generally leads to lower energy consumption, since a large amount of water is heated before use. Single-lever faucets in the energy-efficient FreshStart variant mean that cold water flows only when the lever is in the middle position. Hot water is added only when the user deliberately moves the lever to the left. Energy-intensive hot water generation is limited to situations where it is actually needed.

Funkcje FreshStart, AirPlus, MinusFlow

FreshStart, AirPlus, MinusFlow functions.


Water-saving toilet technologies

The washing toilet is a modern and ecological option more practical than a bidet, it combines the function of a toilet and bidet and models with a dryer also allow subsequent drying. Water consumption during one wash with a washing toilet is only 0.35-0.6 liters per minute (depending on the intensity set).

What's more, the water heating system used by Duravit is particularly energy-efficient: hot water is supplied only when demand requires it. The SensoWash® Starck f washing toilet is synonymous with modern, gentle and impeccable hygiene. It can be individually configured andcoptionally controlled via remote control with the associated SensoWash® app. Individual user profiles can be loaded at any time. In this way, the water temperature and intensity of the shower spray can be precisely adjusted to users' specific requirements.




Maximum comfort is guaranteed with technical trimmings such as a motion sensor for automatic lid opening, user recognition, a range of seat heating configuration options, and a controllable hot air dryer and integrated night light. SensoWash® Starck f also offers added value every day for people with limited mobility.

With a flush volume of just 4.5 liters, Duravit's faucetless toilets are truly easy to clean with little water. Innovative, easy-to-clean surfaces such as WonderGliss coating or HygieneGlaze antimicrobial ceramic glaze enhance this effect.

 Technologia HygieneFlush

HygieneFlush technology


A smaller button on the actuating plates with 2-volume flush technology offers the option of flushing with just three liters. A larger amount of water should be selected only when it is really needed.

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