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Katarzyna Stopka - Senior Citizens' Home in New Market

02 of April '20

Katarzyna Stopka of the Podhale State University of Applied Sciences in New Targ has designed a senior-friendly home in New Targ. The master's thesis was carried out under the direction of Hubert Mełges, PhD.

The main idea of the thesis entitled. "Senior Citizen's Home with a universal recreational and medical program in New Market" was to create a friendly place, significantly different from a typical nursing home. The designed facility is to support seniors in their daily active functioning.

five-star senior home

The author created a space for senior citizens through interesting architectural solutions and functions. The facility is a combination of a five-star hotel, hospital and resort in one. Seniors supported by medical care, have the opportunity to realize and meet most of their needs. They can activate themselves through social gatherings, entertainment, development of artistic and intellectual hobbies, and recreation - swimming, cycling and walking, among others.

Projekt Domu Seniora
w Nowym Targu © Katarzyna Stopka

The building has been covered with green roofs

© Katarzyna Stopka

The designed center is placed in the central part of Nowy Targ, near the market and the city park. The first floor connecting all risers of the facility has been constructed in such a way that each room is easily accessible and functional. Thanks to these solutions, seniors can easily move between zones - catering, recreation, medical (including the pool and spa) and entertainment. The floors are living space supplemented by guest, duty and social rooms, medical offices, a chapel, a gym and technical rooms. Each apartment is adapted to the needs of people with physical disabilities and features a unique interior design.

floors are living space

© Katarzyna Stopka

cubic modules

Cubic modules open to the garden are the basis of the project. These modules diverge in three directions from the main body of the building, and their common part is made of glass curtain walls. The body, referring to the architecture of the region, blends in with the surrounding landscape. The facades are overgrown with lush vegetation creating vertical gardens built on a panel system. The building is covered with green roofs - flat and tented in the form of a pyramid, partially glazed. A regional accent is the woodcarving detail in the shape of a highland rosette placed over the main entrance and on the top floor of the building.

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illustrations courtesy of Katarzyna Stopka

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