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Martyna Kotulek, a graduate of Silesian University of Technology, awarded in an international competition!

04 of April '24

Martyna Kotulek, a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology, was awarded in the international Golden Sand Waterfront competition organized by TerraViva. Her project is based on the creation of a "collage" of different zones of space with a unique character.

konkurs zachęca uczestników do eksperymentowania z innowacyjnymi i oryginalnymi rozwiązaniami urbanistycznymi, które mogą przekształcić „Lungomare Riccardo Riva”

The competition encourages participants to experiment with innovative and original urban solutions that can transform "Lungomare Riccardo Riva"

© Martyna Kotulek

idea of the competition

The competition sentence was to create a design for an overall development plan and detailed development of representative points of the site in the Italian town of Lignano Sabbiadoro. The designers had to redefine the configuration of Riccardo Riva Street, connect the existing disintegrated paths and sidewalks, propose to preserve the natural character of the area and develop it in the least intrusive way possible. It was also important to include elements relating to flooding and other hazards.

wizualizacja przystani dla łodzi w części Passo Barca

Visualization of the boat landing in the Passo Barca section

© Martyna Kotulek

The competition encourages participants to experiment with innovative and original urban planning solutions that can transform "Lungomare Riccardo Riva" into a vibrant space for both the local community and seasonal visitors. The challenge is to redesign a new public axis capable of re-generating and revitalizing the entire area, promoting sustainable mobility and environmental awareness, the project's competition guidelines read.



© Martyna Kotulek

awarded concept

The main idea of Martyna Kotulek's project was to propose a masterplan for the entire premise, taking into account strategies for the highlighted zones - each fragment was to be characterized by a separate idea and character.

The project is a combination of thoughtful urban planning and sensitivity to the environment. The inclusion of a variety of activities and amenities, along with an organic landscape that respects existing vegetation, balances urban vitality with natural surroundings, the jury's reasoning reads.

połączenie historycznych koncepcji w ramach ideogramu

combining historic concepts within an ideogram

© Martyna Kotulek

The idea behind the master plan was based on two historical concepts: D'olivo and Piccinato. Both were developed in the 1950s. The main axis of the establishment is Riccardo Riva Boulevard, which intersects the main axis of Unicef Park. The entire establishment culminates in a viewing cabin located above the waterfront itself. An important element of the whole remains the combination of three differentiated parks.

koncept polega na połączeniu mozaikowym różnych rodzajów przestrzeni

The concept consists of a mosaic combination of different types of spaces

© Martyna Kotulek

How were mobility issues resolved in the project? First of all, by establishing an interchange where you can change to a bicycle or a special bus serving the entire establishment. The complex was divided into three traffic zones, differentiated by the level of intensity of car traffic.

schemat zieleni - połączenie stref pieszych z parkami

green scheme - connecting pedestrian zones with parks

© Martyna Kotulek

Changes in the space of Unicef Park are significant - the architecture of the new buildings is to relate directly to the shape of the neighboring buildings. In this space, an elevated pedestrian promenade is proposed, the functions of which concentrate health and sports services and a recreational park.

schemat komunikacji założenia

establishment communication scheme

© Martyna Kotulek

elaborated: Wiktor Bochenek

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