CELL acoustic panels

08 of April '21

CELL acoustic panels

Marbet Felt currently has two collections of acoustic panels: Eclipse and Cell. The collection includes different sized yet complementarydesk panels, freestanding panels, wall panels, as well as ceiling curtains and acoustic walls. The modularity of the solution makes it fit into most office furniture systems and rooms, improving the acoustics in them and thus the comfort of work.

The CELL panel collection was created by Maciej Karpiak, an innovative Polish designer interested in solutions using upcycling and the idea of better and more conscious use of materials. The panels made of recycled petfelt fiber were created with a more responsible tomorrow in mind.

Panele akustyczne CELL

© Marbet Felt

The CELL collection includes acoustic panels that are diverse in size yet complementary in acoustics: wall panels, ceiling panels and curtains, LED ceiling acoustic lights, desk and cabinet panels, and an acoustic wall. The base component of CELL acoustic panels is eco-friendly Petfelt polyester felt made from recycled PET bottles. Thanks to this innovative material, the CELL collection combines unusual design with thoughtful ergonomics. A distinguishing feature of the collection is the neon-orange hardware, which vividly emphasizes the technical nature of the design, while also providing an interesting decorative element.

Panele akustyczne w biurze

© Marbet Felt

An innovative element of the CELL collection are ceiling panels with integrated LED lighting. Sound is reduced thanks to acoustic panels on both sides of the lamp. Highly efficient LED optics are integrated into the frame, making it possible to precisely illuminate the area of one or two workstations. This is all thanks to energy-efficient, electronically controlled LEDs with reflectors that provide maximum lighting comfort. The power and color of the lighting will be remotely controllable via a mobile app, adjusting the lighting to the prevailing conditions or user preferences. At the end of August this year, two basic lamp models will be available: a 160 × 40 cm vertical ceiling lamp and a 160 × 80 cm horizontal ceiling lamp.

Panele akustyczne kolorowe

© Marbet Felt

The advantages of CELL acoustic panels are:

  • excellent acoustic properties confirmed by relevant certificates,
  • lightness and at the same time structural strength,
  • modularity- great possibilities of arrangement and adaptation of products to customer requirements,
  • versatility-panels fit into interiors of different character and most office furniture,
  • acoustic lamps - innovative combination of acoustics and professional LED lighting,
  • wide range of colors enriched with TEXFEL nonwoven fabric providing the highest standard of fire resistance Bs1 confirmed by relevant certificates,
  • environmentally friendly material - fully recyclable.

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