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An idea to revitalize Rewa. Project for an eco-friendly yacht marina

28 of January '21

{Student}, an architecture graduate of the Gdansk University of Technology, decided to revitalize the slightly forgotten seaside town of Rewa and turn it into a popular tourist destination. To this end, he designed a yacht marina and accompanying infrastructure. And all this with respect for nature and taking into account ecological aspects.

Projekt mariny
jachtowej w Rewie

The new marina in Rewa

© Konstancja Olszewska

Marina design with respect for nature

Konstancja Olszewska's work entitled. "Built-up Structures and Natura2000 Protected Areas. Project of the yacht marina in Rewa" is a master's diploma carried out under the supervision of Dr. Jan Cudzik. The author's main goal was to develop the area with the least possible impact on the environment. The young architect's project consists of a marina with accompanying infrastructure, as well as buildings with catering and hotel functions. It is a proposal for the rapidly developing area of Rewa, which requires urban planning with consideration for preserving ecological values. The Gdansk University of Technology graduate also wanted to promote sailing in the region and create tourist facilities.

Plan zagospodarowania
terenu mariny

The project consists of a marina and associated infrastructure

© Konstancja Olszewska

In the author's words:

I chose Reva as the location for my thesis because of the tourist and recreational aspects. The growing interest in Rewa can be seen from year to year by the number of tourists and the popularity of water sports and sailing. Unfortunately, the locality remains largely untapped and often loses out in competition with, for example, the Hel Peninsula or the Tri-City. Hence came the idea to build a marina in Rewa - a place that will encourage visits to the locality, making it a showcase for the entire municipality and even Pomerania.

Marina to raj dla
żeglarzy Przestrzenie wspólne mariny

The project includes common spaces and many places for mooring boats

© Konstancja Olszewska

changing landscape design inspiration

Konstancja Olszewska was inspired by the changeability of the landscape of the sea and its waves, as well as the nature that changes according to the seasons. The project consists of two parts - the land belonging to the Natura 2000 area and purely investment land, which includes a yacht marina with cubic buildings. The first part is a space free of development, focused on conservation and ecological and educational promotion. The author included all functions with sustainability in mind, so as to preserve the original character of the area. In the area without development, the architect proposed eighteen mooring places, which are a kind of waiting room. However, a larger number of spaces (two hundred berths) for parking vessels up to eight meters in length, are located in the investment part of the project.

Przekroje budynków

The four blocks are connected by a common roof

© Konstancja Olszewska

multifunctional building

The focalpoint of the marina concept is an area protruding into the marina, where the author has placed a multifunctional building. A promenade running along the waterfront leads to this facility. The proposed building consists of four, separate one-story blocks, partially connected by a green roof. The first is a nautical training center, while the second serves as sanitary facilities. The others house catering establishments.

Otwarcie widokowe na
marinę Wieża do obserwacji ptaków

Attractions include viewing openings and observation towers

© Konstancja Olszewska

The designed block has several view openings, which not only expose the unique landscape qualities, but also create common spaces. Part of the roof has been allocated for a viewing terrace with arranged vegetation. A wide staircase leads to it, where one can also sit and relax. In addition, there are skylights on the canopy, brightening up the public spaces of the first floor. More than half a thousand above-ground parking spaces are planned for the entire site, which serves as parking spaces in the summer and as a wintering area for yachts in the winter season. An attraction for ornithologists and nature fans are viewpoints - chat rooms from which rare species of seabirds can be observed.

natural materials and author's hollow blocks

The author used only natural materials in the construction. The facades consist of wood, concrete and glass, among others, while the openwork walls are eco-bricks. While working on her diploma, the student was inspired by the topic of eco-materials. She used this knowledge to create the "EmptySeed" blocks, which consist of biodegradable materials such as birdseed, water and sand.

Ażurowe pustaki
elewacji Eko pustak

The architect developed the proprietary eco-friendly hollow blocks

© Konstancja Olszewska

With any concept that is implemented, it is important to have a conscious and ecological approach to investment, as well as the cooperation of ecologists, entrepreneurs and the local community [...]. I believe that the marina in Rewa, with its so far untapped potential, has a chance to become one of the most important sailing centers in Poland, while respecting the place and environmental aspects," adds Konstancja Olszewska.

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