Liralighting projectors

28 of April '22

Liralighting projectors

Liralighting projectors are characterized by:

  • minimalism - thanks to the technology used, our products are very small in size, which absolutely does not compromise on their quality. The new generation of lighting projectors is designed to illuminate and highlight a space, place, object while being invisible to the user's eyes. As a result, the viewer focuses on the illuminated display, forgetting where the light is coming from. The projectors are designed for use in museums, art galleries, commercial buildings, as well as for lighting private interiors, apartments,
  • security - the new generation of lighting is dedicated primarily to the illumination of exhibits in museums and galleries. Our product, not only guarantees excellent visual effects of illuminated exhibits, but also safety - it does not emit harmful UV and IR radiation, as well as does not cause heating of objects, which could cause cracking, crumbling, yellowing or degradation of fibers,
  • parameters - in creating the new projectors, we focused on guaranteeing the highest possible light parameters with the use of state-of-the-art LEDs and precisely selected optics. We have reduced the coefficient of
    glare while maintaining the highest possible efficiency. The use of a high CRI coefficient makes it possible to bring out from the
    the illuminated exhibit or objects more of their details and reproduce natural details. The ability to choose the color temperature between 2700K/3000K/4000K allows you to improve the comfort of the lighting in your interior,
  • capabilities - the projectors have been technologically optimized on many levels and adjusted to meet the user's expectations in the designed space. Thanks to the use of appropriate optics in the luminaires, precise lenses, modern LED sources and the possibility of additional accessories, such as framing frames or GOBO, they provide the possibility of achieving a variety of visual effects of illuminated spaces.

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