29 of January '20
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Brazilian quartzite of calm sky color with dynamic drawings in shades of yellow and blood red.
Quartzite, which is fashionable today, has a delicate background characteristic of marble, but it is much more durable than limestone, for this reason it has recently become one of the more valued finishing materials. Quartzite can be used in virtually all interiors, and its physical and chemical parameters, especially its hardness and resistance to abrasion and scratches, mean that the slabs do not need to be thick, 20 and 30 mm sheets are enough. It owes its color to mineral compounds such as mica, tourmaline, zircon, iron oxides, for example.

It comes in numerous shades: beiges, browns, grays, graphites, yellows, reds, blues, as well as mixtures of these colors. In addition, there is an unusually original use on a delicate background. Quartzites contain clusters of quartz, which is transparent. Thanks to their light-transmitting properties and original ribbon-like or crystalline features, these stones add a mysterious glow and a magical aura of luxury to interiors.

Applications: wall and floor coverings, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, dividers, luminous walls, furniture.

Surface finish of the panels: polished and brushed.

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