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Student from Poland one of the winners of the prize for the best architectural visualization

21 of October '21

The "3 Stawy" Sports Hall, whose author is {tag:studenci}, a student of architecture at the Silesian University of Technology, was among the winning projects of the Money Shot 2021 competition. The aim of the challenge organized by the international portal Archi Hacks was to select the best architectural visualizations that not only represent the project well, but also show its relationship with the environment, or delight with its composition.

Every quarter, the Archi H acks portal announces competitions on various topics for students from all over the world - from mock-ups to design tasks to photorealistic visualizations. It was the latter topic that was the challenge presented to the participants in the Money Shot 2021 competition. The goal of the competition was to find the rendering that would best communicate the designer's vision to a wider audience.

A discussion of the competition and the entries submitted to the Money Shot 2021 competition

© Archi Hacks

The art of rendering is to show a project in such a way that the viewer, would want to take his or her precious time, lean into it, be enthralled by it, or outright outraged by it, the organizers' website reads.

Participants were asked to submit their visualizations of the projects. There were no restrictions on the scale, location or program of the object. All modes of rendering were accepted, including photorealistic, hand-sketched and experimental.

: Hala Sportowa 3
Stawy, nagrodzona wizualizacja

The design of the "3 Stawy" Sports Hall, the awarded shot

© Jacek Czudak

award for best visualization

The submitted works were evaluated by a jury consisting of Bennett Oh (architect), Tommy Minh Nguyen (desinger), Leo Liu (product developer), which selected the three best visualizations. Their authors are: Lucy Stittle, Luan Fontes and Jacek Czudak.

The visualization I submitted to the competition depicted the design of the "3 Stawy" Sports Hall, made as part of the architectural design class at the Silesian University of Technology under the direction of Dr. Anna Kossak. The main goal of the project was to fit it into the picturesque surroundings of the Three Ponds Valley in Katowice framed by greenery and the title ponds," says Jacek Czudak.

 Hala Sportowa 3
Stawy, geneza bryły i rzuty

genesis of the lump and projections of the sports hall

© Jacek Czudak

The concept of the building was to divide it into three main parts, which are the restaurant zone consisting of a restaurant with a large terrace overlooking the lake. The next part is the welcome area, which consists of ticket offices and an information desk. The final third - the only one that is two stories high - is the sports hall, gym and locker rooms. On its second floor are spaces for children's play and exits to the green roof that covers the previous two zones.

Hala Sportowa 3 Stawy,
widok z poziomu wody

One of the highlights of the project are the green terraces and the water terrace

© Jacek Czudak

The use of natural finishing materials helped the author to create a building that does not contrast with the greenery. The rounded shape of the building, inspired by the title ponds, is also important. It is thanks to it, and the cylindrical forms of the various spaces inside the building, that different parts of the building can be used in different ways, without conflicting with each other. In the design, the architect envisaged places for public use, such as a green terrace, terraces on the water, water equipment rental, numerous scenic walking paths, also overlapping the water surface.

 Hala Sportowa 3
Stawy, przekrój

cross-section of the sports hall

© Jacek Czudak

The design of the "3 Ponds" Sports Hall was also among the publications on the Amazing Architecture portal.

Also, listen to Jacek Czudak's podcast, where he and Janusz Polansky talk about their studies at UACEG in Bulgaria.

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