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Idea for the space in front of the Faculty of Architecture of PK. Report from the student workshop

17 of August '22

In mid-July 2022, the student scientific circle PercepcjA from the Faculty of Architecture at Krakow University of Technology organized a workshop focusing on the psychology of architecture and space. The task was to design an area located in front of the main building of the Faculty of Architecture of the Krakow University of Technology on Podchorążych Street in Krakow. The newly created space was to serve the various needs of male and female students. The workshop participants created four concepts, all of which were presented with mockups.

The workshop "SYNCHRONIZATION: together or apart?" was organized thanks to winning a student project funding competition in cooperation with FutureLab PK. Twenty people participated in the event, working in four groups of five. The coordinator of the work was Dr. Angelika Lasiewicz-Sych (faculty supervisor of SKN PrerceptionA). Didactic support was provided by Dr. Piotr Winskowski and guests invited to the workshop, who provided lectures, training and project consultations.

Rozmowa na temat projektu

The workshop was organized by the Scientific Circle PercepcjA together with FutureLab PK

photo: WAPK

lectures, consultations, project work

During the five-day workshop, male and female students listened to several lectures related to the topic of the design task and discussed their concepts. The workshop was inaugurated by a lecture by Prof. Maciej Motak on the history of the royal palace known as the Podchorążowka and its relationship with the city. Subsequent speakers were Dr. Angelika Lasiewicz-Sych (a lecture on psychological aspects and meanings of space), Dr. Piotr Winskowski (a lecture on selected design strategies and perception of space through the senses), and artist-photographer Joanna Musiał (perception of space by neuroatypical people).

Praca twórcza w trakcie warsztatów kreatywnego myślenia metodą Design Thinking (drugi dzień warsztatów)

Creative work during the creative thinking workshop using the Design Thinking method (second day of the workshop)

photo: WAPK

The workshop program was complemented by exercises in the Design Think ing method led by Anna Nowak and consultations on design concepts led by sculptor Dr. Jan Kuk of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.

The design work focused on sketches, concept posters and, most importantly, mock-ups.

Praca nad makietą

Participants working on a mock-up

photo: WAPK

Wild architect's reserve

Group: Oliwia Bańka, Kinga Czernecka, Iryna Krotovych, Martyna Łaba, Ewelina Ryś

[excerpt from author's description]

For everyone, the period of childhood is associated with a time of play and unbridled imagination, so in the project, we went back to those times and proposed a place of rest [...]. The main idea was to create spaces in the trees where the student would find his asylum. Elevating the individual space a few meters up is also an incentive for bold and unique projects just like this place. The designed houses, would also stand on the ground and garden with fruits and vegetables, while fragrant plants would enhance the mood. A public cafe with a pergola and glass walls was proposed on the side of Królewska Street. An outdoor cinema, an exhibition area and an artificial lake have also been designed.

Projekt Dziki rezerwat architekta

Wild architect's reserve

Photo: WAPK © Oliwia Bańka, Kinga Czernecka, Iryna Krotovych, Martyna Łaba, Ewelina Ryś

Mood space

Group: Anna Kaplita, Jakub Łabędź, Marianna Kuc, Alicja Pijewska, Małgorzata Gońka

[excerpt from author's description]

In our concept, we wanted to create an "atmospheric space." When developing the area, it was important for us to have moods, emotional or mental states that constantly accompany us and change almost every day. We don't always want to be in a crowd, sometimes we need to be in solitude. The question arose of how to develop a space where we can be together and yet separate at the same time. The space for students was located on the eastern side of the area adjacent to the Architecture Department building. The area was cut by a path to shorten the access time to the building, along which elements of small architecture and pavilions were distributed, seemingly dividing the area into zones that perform different functions. A gradation of privacy was applied and various types of places were created, including: a cafe pavilion (which with its shape winds around creating, in its meanders, a space for work or even an amphitheater), a relaxation and individual space, undulating benches allowing any way of relaxation, trampolines, gardens with herbs, a small pond.

Przestrzeń nastrojowa

Atmospheric space

Photo: WAPK © Anna Kaplita, Jakub Łabędź, Marianna Kuc, Alicja Pijewska, Małgorzata Gońka

Base renewal

Group: Anna Białoń, Kamil Federyga, Klaudia Majewska, Karolina Świst, Oliwia Mędlowska

[excerpt from author's description]

The project responds to the needs of the model student of the Faculty of Architecture, who, according to us, mainly needs stress relief, sleep and a place to work and group meetings. Defined problems and needs gave rise to the idea - "Base of Renewal", where "renewal" can be interpreted both as psychophysical regeneration and "re-created" space. Thus, the project was to give students the opportunity to constantly transform the space and adapt it to their individual needs. The answer to the problem of mobility was to be a triangular module, which would consist of easy and inexpensive components, providing infinite combinations and intuitive use. Thus, in the space in front of the Department of Architecture, as well as in its courtyard, we designed a network of rails that would allow the movement of modular triangular umbrellas - components. In addition, we designed a pavilion with a café, a photocopy point and an exhibition area, as well as smaller gazebos.

Projekt Baza odnowa

Project Base renewal

Photo: WAPK © Anna Białoń, Kamil Federyga, Klaudia Majewska, Karolina Świst, Oliwia Mędlowska

Sensitive space

Group: Agnieszka Kruszak, Aleksandra Siciarz, Dominika Cieplak, Dzmitry Nikitsin, Dziyana Matsiashuk

[excerpt from author's description]

Student space should be characterized by universality of solutions and sensitivity to diverse needs of users [...]. Thus, the model user of the concept can work and relax among people or, on the contrary, need seclusion and silence. It was also important to note how much of a role the senses - hearing, sight, as well as smell and touch - play in the experience of space. The answer to these assumptions became a network of pavilions of varying sizes and different functions. Designed with a gradation of privacy in mind, the buildings are to serve as places for work and rest, but also for pursuing hobbies and presenting projects. From Podchorążych Street we are greeted by the "Pride" pavilion, which, glazed with milky glass and embedded in trees, is to create an ideal space for exhibitions. The largest facility is a place for teamwork in an open hall and individual work in separate rooms. Next, a much more enclosed facility is the rest pavilion, dampening excess sound and letting in enough light to be ideal for relaxation - in the form of yoga, for example. A unique spot is the "Silence" pavilion - Fully glazed, placed in the trees and slightly sunken into the ground, it unites with nature and creates a place for meditation or prayer. A winter garden and a small water reservoir have also been designed, and a café has been proposed in the courtyard, connecting the establishment with the existing park at the rear of the department.

Makieta Przestrzeń wrażliwa

Mock-up Sensitive space

Photo: WAPK © Agnieszka Kruszak, Aleksandra Siciarz, Dominika Cieplak, Dzmitry Nikitsin, Dziyana Matsiashuk

All the developed concepts were presented during the last day of the workshop and discussed with the lecturers and guests, including Monika Firlej from FutureLab and Prof. Krzysztof Lenartowicz. Maybe in the future, let's see one of the projects implemented in front of the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology.

Wszyscy uczestnicy warsztatów

All workshop participants - in the foreground from the left: Prof. Maciej Motak, Anna Nowak,
Monika Firlej, Prof. Piotr Winskowski, in the group of students Dr. Angelika Lasiewicz-Sych and Prof. Krzysztof Lenartowicz

Photo: WAPK

We would like to remind you that the competition for the design of the foreground of the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology is open until October 19. The organizers are looking for proposals for an attractive public park and functional space for PK.


compiled from materials by Dr. Agnieszka Lasiewicz-Sych and Dominika Cieplak (chairwoman of SKN PercepcjA)

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