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A student of the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, based on a survey, designed an apartment for rent

29 of November '22

A {tag:studenci} from the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk took up the topic of designing apartments specifically for rent. After conducting a survey among people who rent such units, she proposed a model apartment for rent. Her design is for three people and focuses on the balance between private and common space and emphasizes storage spaces.

The project was carried out at the Interior Design Studio II led by Prof. Remigiusz Grochal and Benjamin Straszewski.

Community is a shelter, something that connects and provides living conditions. A dwelling that serves people who are completely independent of each other should provide both a private and a common part, says the designer.

Wnętrze kuchni i jadalni

The interior of the kitchen and dining room

© Julia Przyłucka

survey the basis of the project

The student began her design path by conducting a survey among people who live in rented spaces. The survey included questions about their needs, experiences and expectations. Then the author made a list of the most important findings. On it were these: apartments for rent should be equipped with a separate sleeping space, a spacious workstation for studying and working remotely, and plenty of storage space. According to those surveyed, materials such as wallpaper, carpets and plastic should be avoided in interior design. The space should be open - it should not be cluttered with unnecessary things.

Projekt mieszkania na wynajem, rzut parteru

The first floor is a common area

© Julia Przyłucka

An apartment for rent for three people

Based on these tips, Yulia Przylucka decided to design a sample apartment for three people who did not know each other before. Her proposal consists of three bedrooms, two toilets, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. The heart and link between the floors is the staircase, which, in addition to its communicative function, also serves as storage and provides a place to work or study.

Przestrzeń na przechowywanie pod schodami : Pod schodami znajduje się specjalnie zaprojektowana szafa

The specially designed staircase conceals storage and study space

© Julia Przyłucka

staircase in the center

According to the student, it was the stairs that she focused the most design attention on:

In addition to the fact that they are in the center of the apartment, I decided to use the space underneath them for storing clothes, a laundry dryer, a vacuum cleaner, cleaning products - all cleaning products, brooms and mops. On the living room side, I designated a space in them for work or study. Among the respondents, there were voices that were against placing the work area right next to the sleeping area. Therefore, the resident himself will decide where he would like to work.

Jadalnia, w ścianie schowane jest łóżko dla gości Specjalne półki

A guest bed is hidden in the dining room closet, and shelves in the kitchen can be arranged as desired

© Julia Przyłucka

kitchen not only for cooking

The system that the ASP student used in the kitchen and dining room space is the free mounting of shelves using ready-made holes in the wall. Thanks to this solution, each resident has full freedom in choosing the layout of the shelves. In addition to space for preparing and eating meals, the interior, is large enough to host social gatherings. An additional advantage is the hidden and pull-out bed from the closet, on which guests can sleep. This furniture also has shelves where bedding can be placed.

Wnętrze jednej z sypialni

The bedroom is also a place for studying

© Julia Przyłucka

private spaces

The bedrooms designed by Julia are places not only for sleeping, but also for working. A potential occupant can use a desk, which is hidden in a cabinet - he can slide it out. All the furniture is made of coniferous plywood. In addition, the room has a coat rack with a shelf for shoes and a spacious closet.

Wnętrze jednej z łazienek

The interior of one of the bathrooms

© Julia Przyłucka

Each of the spacious bathrooms is equipped with the same appliances - two washing machines, a shower, a place to freely dry laundry, a sink, a mirror and a toilet.

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