Jakub Ciszewski

The surrounding space has interested me since childhood. While traversing the city's
streets my attention was always focused on the old facades of tenement houses and
modern buildings. This fascination soon turned into a passion, which was
architecture. At an early age I decided to study this very subject. Along with going to high school, I began to participate in the Drawing Course in Katowice - Archikurs. Thanks to this I learned not only architectural drawing, but also how to perceive the architecture around me. After more than three years of the course I came to defend my first project. During the course I also had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Pininfarina's Senior Designer Maurizio Corbi.

After getting to college, at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology, I tried to
in addition to participating in daily classes, take part in architectural competitions and
not only. During my second year, I took up four competitions, including two international ones organized by the Bee Breeders platform. The project "The Net" made it to the final list of the competition.

In addition to architecture, I am also interested in the previously mentioned drawing - I maintain my drawing profile on Instagram. My interests also include computer graphics, which is extremely useful in creating architectural visualizations, and physical activity - primarily calisthenics and long-distance running. I am an open-minded person for whom contact with other people is a very important aspect, this translates into my good cooperation with the team. I am characterized by a constant desire to develop, acquire new skills, perseverance and consistency in pursuit of realization of goals.

Currently a third-year student at the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology in
Gliwice. I am gaining my first experience as an architect, in the studios of OVO
Grąbczewscy Architekci.

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