Jakub Tajer

"My name is Jakub Tajer and I come from Lublin. I moved to Gdansk in 2014 to study architecture. During them I started working at Element Visualizations in Gdynia, where I first got to know the joy of winning a real architectural competition (the competition for the design of the Central Square in Warsaw in 2017, we eventually won second place in the second stage). I decided to crown the period of study with a very personal project "Czahary",for the first time choosing the location of my native Lublin region. Thanks to the understanding of the thesis supervisor (Dr. Andrzej Prusiewicz), I was able to create the project in my own way, departing somewhat from the academic form seen at defenses. The result was a successful defense and graduation with a master's degree in 2019. I currently work at Katana Studio, where I create 3D graphics. The graduation project "Czahary" resulted in the first prize of the Diploma with Archicad, and appreciation in the field of visualization Feel free to view my profiles on architizer and linkedin."

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