Maja Bogus

Landscape architect and interior decorator. I am a second degree student in the specialization of Garden and Landscape Art at SGGW in Warsaw. During my studies I gained knowledge at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Budapest and was a scholarship holder of the Rector of SGGW. As a participant in an international project, I have the opportunity to represent the Polish university at the Agroecological Urbanism Future Heritage workshop in Ghent.

My interests focus on aspects of sustainable design and different practices in different European countries. My passion for the adaptation of degraded land determined me to create an engineering diploma project of a historic space that is adapted for hosting special events while preserving its genius loci.

In my designs I try to create harmony between the building, its interior and its surroundings, emphasizing the role of nature in human life.
I am particularly interested in graphic representation of visions and concepts, hand drawing and painting. I have participated in plein air art events, where the works created were auctioned off for charity. My inspiration comes from frequent traveling and exploring different places, cultures and people's needs, which is the basis for new works and projects.

Architektura & Biznes – articles

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