Michalina Frątczak

Polish architect who is a member of the Portuguese Chamber of Architects. She studied in Gdansk, Poznan and Lisbon. She designs in Portugal on a daily basis, but at the same time collaborates with Poland. What she values most in architecture is sincerity of form and material.
She relaxes best in nature, which inspires her. In her search for architectural solutions, she often reaches for unconventional methods. All so that the project best meets the needs of its future users.

He continues to explore his knowledge of bioclimatic architecture so that buildings are even the result of their environment and its climatic conditions. She tries to always design with respect for all that nature has given to man.

She is the winner of the SARP competition for the Zbyszek Zawistowski Diploma of the Year and the InFuture Design competition.
Previously published in, among others, Architektura Murator (7 and 8/2018), Architektura & Biznes (5/2020), "Living builidings. The future of office builidings until 2020") of the InFuture Design Institute (2018).

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