Patrycja Olech

I am a second-year student of Landscape Architecture with a specialization in Garden and Landscape Art at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. My current interest is focused on the artistic aspects of green and blue city architecture, especially green balconies, rooftops and vertical walls of high-rise buildings, which have a beneficial effect on the microclimate of urban areas. My passion is to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also support the health and well-being of residents. In my engineering thesis, I focused on alpaca therapy for children with Asperger's syndrome in a community garden. This was a great challenge for me, as there are few publications on this form of therapy in a green environment. However, I was determined to take on this task and tried to study the topic in depth so that I could contribute to the development of this form of therapy in the future.

Architektura & Biznes – articles

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