Sandra Wiktoria Dymacz

Graduate of the University of Technology in Bydgoszcz in the field of Interior Design. In my thesis, I decided to combine my passions, which also turned out to be the very inspiration for the chosen topic - a love of movies, psychology and music, and above all, a fascination with how much architecture can show. While working on the project, I not only delved into the interior of Ada McGrath, but also took a personal journey. It was then that I was able to answer the question that had been with me from the very beginning - who is Ada really? Preparing my diploma was not only an opportunity for me to use the knowledge and skills I had acquired, but also to discover new possibilities in architecture and enrich my experience.

Now, as an interior designer, I am ready to use my passions, creativity and knowledge to create unique and inspiring projects. My work is dedicated to discovering not only the beauty in architecture, but also what lies behind its surface - emotions, history and identity.

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