Zuzanna Woźnicka

I am an engineering graduate from the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and continue my studies here. In addition to the subject of my studies, I am also interested in photography, art and traveling in Europe. As much as possible, I try to combine these passions. I also love Italian cuisine, minimalism and try to pay special attention to ecological aspects. These, in turn, I intertwine in various architectural projects. In my professional life I am taking my first steps. During my studies I managed to participate in several projects, large and small. I also did various internships and designed people's kitchens. I plan to continue my intensive development. Last year, I won the title of winner in the Competition for the Prize of the Minister of Development, Labor and Technology for theses in the fields of architecture and construction. In addition, together with a team of good colleagues, we managed to win second place in the Competition for eco-active development of the Bohdan Lachert square in Warsaw, and it also gave us the opportunity to participate as speakers in the meeting "Architecture of the Climate Crisis" in the Zodiac of Warsaw.

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