Ventilation terminals

29 of March '21

Ventilation terminals

Chemical resistant fans in the CHEMOWENT offer is a wide range of devices, which can be most generally divided into :

  • centrifugal fans,
  • roof fans

In each group there are industrial fans in the execution ex (explosion-proof or anti-explosion fans).

Small radial fans FRv 075 - 110+:

  • compact design with drum rotor,
  • very quiet,
  • hermetic shaft seal,
  • maintenance-free
  • mechanical and electrical flexibility.

Radial fans FRv 125 - 280:

  • high accuracy of fit due to injection molding production,
  • hermetic construction,
  • extremely easy maintenance,
  • variable maximum height
    very stable due to additional support

FDv 110+ - 280 and FDvF 110+ - 280 roof fans:

  • high fit accuracy due to injection molding production,
  • extremely easy maintenance,
  • precise performance grading due to double rotor combination,
  • low internal losses due to the discharge apparatus,
  • tropical operation possible due to controlled motor cooling circuit.

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