Why Oxygen recuperators? What will the user, designer and installer gain?

10 of October '23

The launch of a new brand of recuperators - Oxygen - comes courtesy of renewable energy systems distributor OEM Energy, part of the Elevion Group (one of Europe's leading ESCO providers). Breaking stereotypes, colorful Oxygen recuperators - smart, efficient, easy-to-use and compact ventilation units - proudly enter the market.


The colors of the Lithuanian-made recuperators are the colors of nature - referring to the sand and the diversity of flora and fauna. It is also an element reflecting the sustainable development strategy of the company, which is made up of experienced engineers and lecturers and students of Kaunas University of Technology. The blue-green color distinguishes enthalpy units, the sand color distinguishes standard units. For every recuperator purchased, the manufacturer will plant a tree in the Oxygen Forest.

OEM Energy for users, installers and designers!

Oxygen's distributor for Poland - OEM Energy has been successfully operating in the B2B sector for 10 years, offering top-notch equipment in the field of photovoltaics, energy storage, heat pumps and recuperation. Thanks to its experience in the recuperation market, it knows what product features are crucial from the point of view of both the user and the installer or designer, which is why the features of Oxygen recuperators can be discussed both in the context of individual customers and installers themselves. Also designers can count on the support and cooperation of both the brand itself and its Polish distributor. In addition, Oxygen recuperators are optimally priced, which will certainly ultimately place them among the top recuperators sold in Poland.


Important for end users will certainly be:

  • revolutionary price and color
  • non-freezing: thanks to an intelligent automation system, the Oxygen recuperator will never freeze, so it guarantees uninterrupted operation
  • low costs: thanks to temperature and humidity sensors and a unique energy-saving algorithm, the recuperator saves heat when ventilating the house, using minimal electricity to do so
  • high energy efficiency: Oxygen units with advanced plate counterflow heat exchangers meet the requirements of the highest energy class A++ and save up to 93% of energy
  • comfort - two modes - bathroom and kitchen - and built-in automatic ByPass help maintain comfort. Bathroom mode is increased ventilation, removing steam and unwanted odors. The kitchen mode is a function that allows the removal of unwanted odors and fumes during cooking. Of course, in other rooms we are also talking about effective ventilation, removal of pollutants, allergens and germs
  • app for easy smart control: Oxygen recuperators allow smart control via an app or through a touchscreen color control panel
  • easy maintenance - easy filter replacement thanks to opening covers
  • weekly programming - it is possible to adjust the operating mode of the unit to the user's lifestyle
  • contribution to the reforestation of Europe - each recuperator sold is one tree planted


For installers, on the other hand, easy installation will be key, as well as:

  • optimal price/quality ratio
  • everything-in-a-box: the integrated adaptive electric preheater, control automation and other necessary components are located inside the unit, which minimizes installation time and reduces the space required to install the heat recovery module
  • lightness - the casing of Oxygen recuperators is made of lightweight EPP plastic, which additionally has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • speed of installation
  • training - X-Air Academy, i.e. learning, consulting and industry news
  • preferential terms of cooperation in the case of preparation of Oxygen product exposition
  • possibility to act as Oxygen brand ambassador in Poland.


Just like breathing

As you can see above, the advantages of Oxygen recuperators are many, so the "just likebreathing" brand will certainly not go unnoticed by both installers and individual customers.

Mateusz Pach - product manager in charge of recuperation at OEM Energy says, "OEM Energy is bringing a bit of freshness to the recuperator market to wow Polish homes with Oxygen recuperators. We hope that the combination of simplicity and intelligent features will revolutionize the market, where there will certainly be a place for colorful recuperators straight from the Lithuanian factory. We also hope to plant a whole grove of Oxygen trees thanks to Polish customers."


For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the A&B portal.

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