Decorative Wood - a program for architects, interior decorators and private investors

25 of March '22
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The DECORATING WOODprogram includes 8 original products of the Estonian Woodmood line and more than a dozen thermo or machine-painted products from the Puidukoda Polska Sp. z o.o. range.

Wood - a natural and ecological product in combination with the proposed colors
will allow you to create a unique atmosphere in the decor.
It will give character and warm up any interior. Properly selected will allow you to create a range of styles:
Scandinavian, boho, industrial, retro, nautical or simply classic.
Products dedicated to both interiors and exteriors.

Boazerie - program DREWNO DEKORACYJNE Puidukoda Polska


Machine-painted wood profiles with an aged and rustic surface, suitable for indoor use. They can be installed both vertically and horizontally creating a shabby chic effect. Decorative surface, easy to clean.

Okładzina drewniana Dragon - program DREWNO DEKORACYJNE Puidukoda Polska


DRAGON structural wood cladding inspired by traditional Japanese wood burning technique. It can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Dragon was created using modern technology to achieve wood cladding with a charred effect with a natural look and guaranteed durability of the surface finish compared to burned wood.

Podłogi wewnętrzne i zewnętrzne - program DREWNO DEKORACYJNE Puidukoda Polska


ARKTIK decorative structural wood flooring industrially lacquered in two colors - light gray Limestone and black Basalt. The structural pattern creates a worn look, is made with a special technique and covered with 2 layers of paint, making the surface durable. ARKTIK floors have a natural worn look, which creates a unique interior atmosphere.

Termodrewno do łazienek - program DREWNO DEKORACYJNE Puidukoda Polska

Thermo wood/wood for bathrooms

Therming, also known as annealing, involves modifying the wood under the influence of high temperature and steam, resulting in a material with altered, new properties. The sugars in the wood are caramelized, giving it a characteristic dark color, similar in appearance to exotic wood species. The therming process also leads to reduced water absorption, so the growth of fungi and bacteria is reduced. Dimensional stability also increases. Thanks to its properties, thermally treated wood is perfect for outdoor applications: terraces, pool enclosures, building facades, windows, doors, garden furniture. It is perfect for rooms with variable humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Powierzchnie drewniane malowane maszynowo - program DREWNO DEKORACYJNE Puidukoda Polska

Machine painting

Puidukoda Poland carries out individual orders for machine-painted products. Our depots are equipped with Ceetec A250 machines for priming and surface painting. Thanks to the use of rotary rollers inside the machine with brushes properly matched to the material, the paint is applied evenly over the entire surface of the board, guaranteeing high-quality coverage of the product.

The first operation consists of a 4-sided application of a primer containing a fungicide and insect repellent. The next operation is the application of the first layer of topcoat, and after the surface dries, the application of the second layer of paint. The last operation is packing the material in a protective film.
The coatings are available in many color variations.

Puidukoda Polska also carries out individual orders for products protected with NT DECO wood fire protection products in the Non-Roaming Fire Classification (NRO).

Finishing materials

Edge protection and proper finishing is an extremely important process that affects the final appearance of the project. We offer angles, bands and moldings in many dimensions as well as spruce plinths and quarter rounds.

For more information, visit the company's Puidukoda Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal
and on the website; downloadable: hi-res (8K) texture package.

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