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Contemporary solitude. The design of a wooden summer house

24 of June '21

Żaneta Warchał from the Faculty of Interior Design at the J. Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow decided to design a contemporary solitary house. Her proposal for a wooden summer house surrounded by nature is a response to the needs of busy residents of large metropolitan areas.

The design of the cottage, which can serve as a year-round dwelling, is both an architectural and interior design concept. The work was created as a master's degree in Interior Design, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in the studio of Prof. Elżbieta Pakuła-Kwak.

Domek letniskowy
strefa relaksu Widok z antresoli

The author's idea was to create a contemporary solitude

© Żaneta Warchał

Temporary residence in a green retreat is the idea of a contemporary solitary house. Thanks to a simple design, the cottages can be placed practically anywhere, without interfering with the natural environment, and their construction does not require the destruction of the places where they will be built. The function of the cottage is to isolate oneself, cut off from the rush of everyday life and focus on oneself and the surrounding nature, says the author.

wooden cottages

The premise of Żaneta Warchał was to design wooden cottages, with plenty of glazing, allowing contact with nature. Most of the materials used in the project are natural raw materials, which are only accentuated by necessary metal supports, ceramics or glass.

drewniany domek
letniskowy Rzut przestrzeni dziennej

Cottages of simple construction resemble huts or feeders for wild animals

© Żaneta Warchał

The interiors, on the other hand, are minimalism of form and comfort of use, as well as beautiful views of the surrounding nature. An important function there is the unity of the main material used - wood, the naturalness of the textiles used and the dark color of metals and ceramics, emphasizing the contrast.

The first, most important and perceptible material in the design is wood. Wood is strength, nature, warmth and safety, hence it has the most important function, the author adds.

The structure - also visible in the interior, the floor, the veneered walls, as well as full-bodied furniture or stair treads - is made of wood. The warm, soft and honey color, grain and grain of the wood create a friendly atmosphere in the spaces of the cottage.

Przekrój domku

The cottage can be located practically on any terrain

© Żaneta Warchał

relaxation and tranquility

After overcoming the gangway and spiral staircase, described by the author as a barrier linking the everyday with the exceptional, one enters a peculiar capsule, located 2.5 meters above the ground, reminiscent of a feedlot. The only one open to the outside is the terrace area, where there is a whirlpool tub - an ideal place to relax surrounded by nature.

Przestrzeń dzienna

An open space with a fireplace is the place to relax

© Żaneta Warchał

The commissioned area is 50 square meters, and includes: A vestibule with storage and seating, an open space with a fireplace and a relaxation area that can also be a bedroom, a dining room with a convenient kitchenette, a bathroom with a free-standing bathtub, and a six-square-meter mezzanine with two sleeping spaces.

Antresola domku

Wood is the most important material of the project

© Żaneta Warchał

Experiencing a specially designed space, the simplicity of shapes, natural light and surroundings promote tranquility and relaxation.

My project inspires to feel, in a different, non-standard way. Rediscovering the nature that surrounds us at any given time will allow, also to rediscover ourselves - without the rush of social demands, hurry, work and excess stimuli," concludes Żaneta Warchał.

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