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proj.: Horizone Studio

Edited by Horizone Studio

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proj.: Horizone Studio

Malgorzata TOMCZAK

Editing: Horizone Studio

"You have to change that photo still," he says. "And can you change that one more?" "And what would you say to put this picture in place of the picture on page XYZ? And there in the text is like this, and it should be different." And so to the last minute of working on the number. Literally. But what fun it was at the same time! What a challenge and adventure!

And the content of the November A&B, and working on the issue with Horizone Studio were a huge pleasure, because one, we appreciate in A&B their approach to architecture - with great sensitivity to the surrounding context, nature or man, a sense and understanding of materials, and a commitment to promoting green and smart architecture. Two, we were very curious to see what they would offer for the Moodboard and Presentation or for the cover. Three, even though the core of Horizone is four partners, everyone in the studio works in a very democratic atmosphere, and this resonated a lot in this work we did together. And four, we like each other a lot, I mean I like them a lot, because after I came to them at the studio and said that the interview came out a bit boring and it's to be changed, I'm not so sure that it works both ways anymore. (Note: The final version is very engaging and interesting, I sincerely encourage you to read it).

Finally, in the end, in addition to the long (sitting after hours in the editor's office was longer than usual) and intensive work, we had real fun from this joint activity. Such as the one with cell phones. We agreed that Horizone would show screenshots of the opening screens from its private phones in the issue, but I was supposed to do it too. So like a challenge, it's a challenge. I didn't fit on page 161, so I'm doing it next.

And I sincerely encourage you to enter the world of architecture and inspiration of Horizone Studio. For them, architecture is the backdrop to a cool life. And that's what we like most about their approach.

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shortboard [14]

latest news, events, parties

Let the Wilga connect! [16]

Inter-university workshops
architectural and urban planning Kraków-Rzeszów 2019

In the world of megastructures [22]

Bjarke Ingels lecture in Warsaw

The world is not enough [24]

Exhibition entitled. "BIG presents Formgiving" in Copenhagen

Earthy, ethno-synthetic and handicraft,
That is, the freshest trends in interiors [30].

Autumn edition of the Parisian fair "Home and object"

Mecca for designers [36]

Warsaw Home" trade fair

Stefka Georgieva
- A strong voice of Bulgarian architecture [40].

Exhibition at Vienna's Ringturm Exhibition Center

Design with integrity [44]

From the series "Meeting with the Master" - Oskar Grąbczewski
interviewed: Marek KASZYŃSKI

Elementary school and kindergarten in Zory [50].

Competition "A&B Academy" 2019
Magdalena OPANIA

newsboard [52, 56, 58]

Books, patronages, invitations, company news

Architecture of rational Europe [52]

Excerpt from the book entitled. "Architecture of rational Europe"

  • Międzyuczelniane warsztaty architektoniczno‑urbanistyczne Kraków–Rzeszów 2019
  • Wystawa pt. „BIG presents Formgiving” w Kopenhadze
  • Ziemia, etnoszyk i rękodzieło, czyli najświeższe trendy we wnętrzach
  • Targi „Warsaw Home” 2019
  • Stefka Georgieva – mocny głos architektury bułgarskiej
  • Z cyklu „Spotkanie z Mistrzem” — Oskar Grąbczewski

issue theme

moodboard [64]

People in spaces
Arts and crafts

Tower of innovation [86]

The Maersk Tower,
proj.: C.F. Møller Architects
(Klaus Toustrup, Lone Wiggers, Mads Mandrup Hansen, Christian Dahle, Michael Kruse, Lone Bendorff, Mårten Leringe, Klavs Hyttel, Julian Weyer)

Museum made of matchsticks [100]

Odunpazari Modern Art Museum,
proj.: Kengo Kuma and Associates
(Kengo Kuma, Yuki Ikeguchi)

Oberholz Alpine Chalet [114]

Oberholz Mountain Hut,
proj.: Peter Pichler Architecture & arch. Pavol Mikolajcak
(Peter Pichler)

Technology in the service of nature [126]

Grotto private sauna,
proj.: Partisans
(Alex Josephson, Jonathan Friedman, Pooya Baktash)

Beyond the event horizon [140]

Conversation with Horiozne Studio
Anna Chrząszcz, Dominik Darasz, Kinga Gibiec, Dominika Kisielewska, Bartek Kisielewski, Robert Strzeński, Daria Trzepla, Volodymyr Tsapuk, Maciej Warot and Krystian Wawer are interviewed by Malgorzata Tomczak

  • Moodboard
  • The Maersk Tower
  • Odunpazari Modern Art Museum
  • Oberholz Mountain Hut
  • prywatna sauna Grotto
  • rozmowa z Horizone Studio

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