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Are we moving in the right direction? The 7th edition of 4 Design Days encourages joint action

19 of January '23

The climate catastrophe, the war in Ukraine, the covid pandemic, the raw materials crisis, the polarization of society and the still unbridled consumerism.... the ever-growing list of challenges and problems we face today can be overwhelming. What role do architecture and design play in the face of them? The organizers of 4 Design Days encourage us, in the face of the test we face as humanity, to say stop, pause for a moment and consider whether we are definitely going in the right direction.

The slogan of the 7th edition of 4 Design Days, an event to be held at theInternational Congress Center in Katowice from January 26 to 29 this year, is an encouragement to act together - Together 4 Humanity.

The meeting is divided into two parts - industry days (26-27.01) and open days (28-29.01). Architecture & Business is a media patron of the event.

A&B jest patronem medialnym 4DD

A&B is a media patron of 4DD

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During 4DD there will be no shortage of talks about the future of cities and neighborhoods, modern technologies and eco-solutions, sustainable design, conscious productions and choices. Nearly forty scheduled lectures and debates will feature, among others, Maciej Jakub Zawadzki(MJZ), who will speak at the session "To make a building not a waste", Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys, architect andpresident of SARP(APA Wojciechowski Architects) will speak in the debate "Responsibility towards the planet and people", Maciej Franta(Franta Group) in the session "Time for reflection - are we going in the right direction?", Przemo Łukasik(Medusa Group), among others, in the panel "The future of cities is the future of the world", and the session "Cities must be diverse" will be addressed by Romuald Loegler (Atelier Loegler Architects).

jedna z debat podczas poprzedniej edycji 4DD

One of the debates during the previous edition of 4DD

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In cooperation with the Association of Polish Architects, the organizers of 4DD have prepared a series of meetings focused on the search for answers to the question of how to put Ukrainian cities back on track. The scale of the challenges, the necessity of dialogue, as well as Ukrainian architecture and design will be discussed, among others, by Aleksander Baranowski (project coordinator, plenipotentiary for the contacts with architects in Poland, National Association of Architects of Ukraine), Alexander Czyzhovskyi (president of the National Association of Architects of Ukraine), Kateryna Romanenko (architect and chairwoman of the committee of the Chamber of Architects of Ukraine) and Anna Kyrij (vice-president of the Chamber of Architects of Ukraine), among others.

© organizers archive

During 4 Design Days, Justyna Boduch and Wojciech Fudala's book "Masters of Architecture 2004-2021" will also be premiered by SARP Katowice Branch. The publication summarizes the series of lectures by foreign architects inaugurated by Wojciech Małecki, presents conversations with guests of the meetings and collects memories of people who cooperated in their organization. The conversation accompanying the premiere will be moderated by Małgorzata Tomczak, editor-in-chief of A&B, and Łukasz Harat of the anti-RAMA foundation.

podczas 4DD swoją premierę będzie miała książka „Mistrzowie Architektury 2004-2021”

During 4DD, the book "Masters of Architecture 2004-2021" will have its premiere.

photo: Kinga Golabek

What's more, Marie de France of Sou Fujimoto Architect studio will speak as part of SARP's Masters of Architecture series and the inaugural session "Time for reflection - are we going in the right" direction.

You can find the detailed program of the event and link to registration here.

compiled by:
Ola Kloc

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