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kolaż: False Mirror Office

Malgorzata TOMCZAK


Moments after the world was closed to all of us, we decided to change our publishing plans a bit and face the blight and the threat it brings to our architectural field.

And so you hold in your hands an issue in which we analyze what happened and look for hope for a better tomorrow. In the e-issue we release the content - everyone will be able to read how the situation is assessed and what they see as the chances for the future by, among others: Prof. Jerzy Hausner, Zuzanna Skalska, architects from False Mirror Office, Marlena Happach. We also gave voice to our Polish architects. The hashtag and keynote of the issue - stay home - inspired us to show interesting Polish homes, after all, it is in homes and apartments that we have been focusing all our life activity lately.


Will we be able to create a "wonderful new world" on the ruins of the old one? What lessons will we learn from the time when we were all forced into lockdown mode? One thing is for sure, it won't be easy, but there is hope that maybe we can use this time to design the future better, more consciously and with respect for our planet.

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latest news, events, parties

Islands and archipelagos [14]

In search of a vision of tomorrow, a conversation with Prof. Jerzy Hausner
interviewed: Jakub SZCZĘSNY

What can a city do during a pandemic? [22]

Interview with Marlena Happach
interviewed by: Alicja GZOWSKA

Everything will be fine [26]

How does the architecture industry function in the world?
Mikolaj ZAJDA

It's just a test alarm [30]

Cities in times of pestilence

True architecture is learned in poverty [32]

Conceptual design of Cafe Wuhan and conversation with Jan Sikora of Sikora Wnętrza Architektura studio
interviewed: Marta KULAWIK

On the Edge [36]

A&B Academy 2020 competition
Michalina FRĄTCZAK

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More than a book [38]

"The World's Best City. Warsaw in reconstruction 1944-1949" - review

Rebuilt Warsaw - the best city in the world [40].

An excerpt from the book by Grzegorz Piątek entitled "The World's Best City. Warsaw under reconstruction 1944-1949"

  • W poszukiwaniu wizji jutra, rozmowa z prof. Jerzym Hausnerem
  • Co może miasto w czasie pandemii? Rozmowa z Marleną Happach
  • Jak funkcjonuje branża architektoniczna na świecie?
  • Miasta w czasach zarazy
  • Projekt koncepcyjny Cafe Wuhan i rozmowa z Janem Sikorą z pracowni Sikora Wnętrza Architektura
  • Konkurs „Akademia A&B” 2020 Michalina FRĄTCZAK

theme of the issue

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#city pandemic
#architecture in crisis

Lesson of the third... world [116].

Zuzanna Skalska is interviewed by Katarzyna JAGODZIÑSKA

Home, sweet world! [124]

With architects from False Mirror Office talks to Katarzyna MIKULSKA

A challenge for architecture [134]


  • Moodboard
  • Lekcja trzeciej… światowej. Z Zuzanną Skalską rozmawia Katarzyna Jagodzińska
  • Z architektami z False Mirror Office rozmawia Katarzyna Mikulska
  • Wyzwanie dla architektury

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