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Competitions are one of the most important topics in the architectural debate. They are often a transnational procedure, which significantly contributes to the popularization of architectural knowledge beyond national borders. It might seem to be an excellent marketing tool for architects and investors. So why is this procedure not so popular at all? What affects the quality of competitions in Poland? What problems do architects face in their context? What do they gain from them, and what do they lose? How do investors approach the organization of competitions? This is what we talk about with Marek Kaszynski and Marcin Brataniec from the Cracow branch of SARP.

We also discuss the most famous competitions of recent times, including the Camerimage headquarters in Toruń with the highest ever award in Poland, the government competition for the design of houses up to 70 square meters, and the Krakow Music Center.

We invite our male and female readers to read and have a heated discussion on this important topic!

We are also building a database of contests on our portal. We encourage you to keep track - in the CONCURS tab we publish announcements and results of all competitions that take place in Poland.

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Capital despite the will [18]

The exhibition "Unwanted Capitalism. Architecture and urban planning of Cracow during the German occupation 1939-1945".
Jakub GŁAZ

The processuality of art [24]

A&B awards in the 40th edition of the UAP Best Diploma Competition
Dobrawa BIES

Tricity [28]

What are the New Bourgeois waiting for?
Matthew WASHED

The most expensive line [38]

Interview with András Borsos, curator of the V4 Family Houses exhibition
interviewed: Dominika DROZDOWSKA

New WySound - Music Center
In Bunker Flakturm IV [44].

"Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE" competition
Alicja NOWAK

Interior design of Jazzclub cafe
in Bielsko-Biała [46].

Competition "Best Diploma INTERIOR DESIGN".
Dominika NIKIEL

Small steps towards a better future [48]

Interview with Joanna Erbel
interviewed: Błażej CIARKOWSKI

newsboard [52-59]

books, patronages, invitations, company news

"Leaning into the future.
How to change the world for the better" [52].

Excerpt from Joanna Erbel's book

Still underestimated field of design [54]

Review of the book "Alina Scholtz. Designer of Warsaw's greenery"

  • Wystawa „Niechciana stołeczność. Architektura i urbanistyka Krakowa w czasie okupacji niemieckiej 1939–1945”
  • Nagrody A&B w 40. edycji Konkursu na Najlepszy Dyplom UAP
  • Trójmiasto z cyklu Mateusza Zmyślonego pt. „Wielomiasta”
  • Rozmowa z Andrásem Borsosem, kuratorem wystawy V4 Family Houses
  • Alicja NOWAK – Nowy WyDźwięk – Centrum Muzyki w Bunkrze Flakturm IV
  • Dominika NIKIEL – Projekt wnętrz kawiarni Jazzclub w Bielsku-Białej

e-publication supplement

Garden of Art - a pavilion in the historic monastery complex of San Guglielmo in Goleto [e02].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

Facing the future: Mobile Pavilion, Environmental Awareness Center [e06]

Competition "Best Diploma in ARCHITECTURE".

Bourgeois Brewery in Wroclaw [e10]

Competition "Best Diploma in INTERIOR DESIGN"

Substance of dialogue [e14]

Competition "Best Diploma of Interior Design"

  • Ogród Sztuki – pawilon w historycznym kompleksie klasztornym San Guglielmo w Goleto – Kamila LORENC-PTASZNIK
  • Zmierzyć się z przyszłością: Mobilny pawilon, Centrum świadomości ekologicznej - Martyna ADAMCZYK
  • Browar Mieszczański we Wrocławiu - Philipp PIETRYJA
  • Substancja dialogu - Izabela RAJNFUS

theme of the issue

Everything you'd like to know about competitions but are afraid to ask [66]

With Marek Kaszynski and Marcin Brataniec
interviewed by Malgorzata TOMCZAK

moodboard [72]

#architectural competitions

The most important cinema in Poland [116]

Competition for the Camerimage Film Center in Torun

From afar the view is beautiful [140]

Competition for the design of a model single-family house up to 70 m²

To two times a piece [150]

Competition for the Cracow Music Center

Current topic [164]


A good sign is a bad sign [166]

Jakub GŁAZ

  • Z Markiem Kaszyńskim i Marcinem Bratańcem rozmawia Małgorzata TOMCZAK
  • moodboard – konkursy architektoniczne
  • Konkurs na Centrum Filmowe Camerimage w Toruniu
  • Konkurs na projekt modelowego domu jednorodzinnego do 70 mkw
  • Konkurs na Krakowskie Centrum Muzyki
  • Jakub Szczęsny - felieton
  • Jakub Głaz - felieton

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