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House in Chorzępów,
designed by UGO Architecture
s. 100

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on the cover:

House in Chorzępów,
designed by UGO Architecture
s. 100

Malgorzata TOMCZAK

What will be the house of the future? Will the economic environment that is transforming before our eyes and the energy crisis force needed technological changes and passive or at least low-energy houses, for example, will be the standard? Will the raw materials crisis of the near future turn us toward a widespread search for alternative and renewable materials? Will printer, prefabricated and modular homes dominate this sector of architecture? What about houses tailor-made and made to the investor's individualized needs by a carefully selected architect?

The future is uncertain. Change, on the other hand, is moving ever more surely. However, it is difficult to make precise predictions, the future is too complex. We do not show spectacular houses with unlimited budgets in this issue. We are interested in new trends that fit into the context of times of change and transformation of ideas.

Table of contents


Simplicity instead of fireworks [16].

#New trends in architecture - Jakub Szczęsny, Maciej Franta

A new beginning. Modernism in the Second Republic [18].

Interview with Prof. Andrzej Szczerski, director of MNK
interviewed by Michal WIŚNIEWSKI

Urban morphology and life [26].

International Seminar on Urban Form - ISUF 2022

Floating city [30]

U.S. Navy floating multicity

Choreographic thinking [38]

Interview with Milena Czarnik
interviewed: Agata SCHWEIGER

A new map of the country [44]

Cities and their agglomerations in the third decade of the 21st century

Pro-environmental architecture: education after graduation [48]

Postgraduate studies at the WA of Gdansk University of Technology
Katarzyna ZIELONKO-JUNG and Robert IDEM

The Polish mansion as an archetype of home [52]

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"
Aleksandra RUSIN

"The Quaver" [54]

The "Best Diploma in INTERIOR DESIGN" competition
Adela MOSS

newsboard [56-65]

books, patronages, invitations, company news

Wanderer through the eras [56]

Review of the book and exhibition dedicated to Tomasz Mańkowski

  • #Nowe trendy w architekturze — Jakub Szczęsny, Maciej Franta
  • Rozmowa z prof. Andrzejem Szczerskim, dyrektorem MNK
  • International Seminar on Urban Form – ISUF 2022
  • Pływające wielomiasto U.S. Navy
  • Rozmowa z Mileną Czarnik
  • Miasta i ich aglomeracje w trzeciej dekadzie XXI wieku

e-publication supplement

Urban agro-culture center - metamorphosis of brownfield sites [e02].

The "Best Diploma in ARCHITECTURE" competition
Martyna FLOREK

Social Integration Center in Odessa, a meeting place for the local community along with an elderly care center and an ecumenical chapel [e06].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

Gravity. Design of a space with an offer for mountain expedition enthusiasts [e10].

Competition "Best Interior Design Diploma"
Aleksandra MATUSIAK

Deaf Meeting Place at the ruins of the castle of the Bishops of Wrocław in Ujazd [e14].

Competition "Best Diploma of INTERIORITY"
Natalia HUDZIK

  • Centrum agrokultury miejskiej – metamorfoza terenów poprzemysłowych – Martyna FLOREK
  • Centrum Integracji Społecznej w Odessie - Mariia KATSAN
  • Grawitacja. Projekt przestrzeni z ofertą dla entuzjastów wypraw górskich - Aleksandra MATUSIAK
  • Miejsce Spotkań Głuchych przy ruinach zamku biskupów wrocławskich w Ujeździe - Natalia HUDZIK

issue theme

moodboard [68]

#single-family homes
#collaboration between architect and investor - what is most important?

Archetype with character [104].

Broken House
proj.: Ultra Architects
(Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski)

Open-air interiors [118]

House in Mława
proj.: James & Mau Arquitectura
(Jaime Gaztelu, Monika Moszczynska, Diego Llorente)

House from a factory [134]

Katarzyna MIKULSKA

Straw, hemp, wood, clay. Homes made of natural materials are the future of construction? [144]


PR good or bad? [150]


Complications [154].


Design, build, run! [156]

Jakub GŁAZ

  • #domy jednorodzinne, #współpraca architekta z inwestorem — co jest najważniejsze?
  • Dom Złamany, proj.: Ultra Architects (Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski)
  • Dom w Mławie, proj.: James & Mau Arquitectura (Jaime Gaztelu, Monika Moszczyńska, Diego Llorente)
  • Dom z fabryki
  • Domy z materiałów naturalnych to przyszłość budownictwa?
  • PR dobry czy zły?
  • Jakub Szczęsny - felieton
  • Jakub Głaz - felieton

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