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Aleksandra Groblewska - "Temptation or Curiosity?"

12 of October '23
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2023
Author: Aleksandra Groblewska
University: Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.
Promoter: Maciej Świtała, Ph.D., Professor, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Consultation: Marta Koniczuk

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2022/2024".

The desire for travel experiences has been with us since we were young. Starting from the warm summer days in the countryside at our grandparents' house, where as children we were surrounded by various stimuli that stimulated curiosity, through our teenage years, when every situation we encountered was an adventure, an opportunity to experience something unusual. Dreams of return and sentimentality about past experiences, on the other hand, are the domain of adulthood. The desire to look at a given place from a different perspective, already richer in experience.

Witryna biura Polskiej Organizacji Turystycznej w Sztokholmie

Polish Tourist Organization office website in Stockholm

© Aleksandra Groblewska

Traveling also symbolizes the possibility of crossing one's own borders. It helps us understand the world around us, allows us to test our capabilities. Hiking, allows us to detach our thoughts from everyday life, opening our minds to new experiences and emotions. Thus, tourism is an elusive form of escape, a temptation to understand people, culture, traditions or art.

Główną inspiracją stał się polski haft tradycyjny

The main inspiration came from Polish traditional embroidery

© Aleksandra Groblewska

By traveling, we are able to experience emotions previously unknown to us. To feel the space we are in and understand its context. What's more, we are able to draw conclusions based on the impressions a place has made on us. By sharing our thoughts with the surrounding community, we can also experience a different point of view, see a different perspective and look at things from a completely different angle.

Pawilon promocji polskiej turystyki

polish tourism promotion pavilion

© Aleksandra Groblewska

Design is also characterized in the same way. The experiences that shape us as a human designer make us constantly full of temptation and curiosity. These desires accompany us constantly, with many design challenges. We are eager to explore, experience or feel the space in order to design it correctly.

Przestrzeń biurowa Polskiej Organizacji Turystycznej w Sztokholmie

The office space of the Polish Tourist Organization in Stockholm

© Aleksandra Groblewska

Continuous development, further education, trying new foods, learning about a different culture, and making friends are all integral parts of moving. "In order to experience the completion of a journey, you have to embark on it." - Tony Kososki's [traveler and writer - editor's note] words motivate the experience.

Rzut Biura Polskiej Organizacji Turystycznej w Sztokholmie

projection of the Office of the Polish Tourist Organization in Stockholm

© Aleksandra Groblewska

The purpose of this bachelor's thesis was to design the office space of the Polish Tourist Organization in Stockholm, along with a display window and an outdoor pavilion promoting Polish tourism. The project was intended to encourage Swedes to visit our homeland and see it in a completely new way.

We wnętrzu autorka zastosowała naturalne kolory

In the interior, the author used natural colors

© Aleksandra Groblewska

In order to initiate image changes in the designed space of the PTO office, I wanted to provide the viewer with a look at Poland from a hitherto unknown side, using thoughtful means of expression, such as color, texture, light intensity and the shape of the space. I want to offer visitors an unusual way of experiencing a place. A message based on deeper layers of perception, such as multisensory, is meant to sink into the memory and activate the visitor's own resources of memory, associations and emotions.

Detal wnętrza

interior detail

© Aleksandra Groblewska

The concept of the designed place is to give functionality that will improve the comfort of work and organize the existing office. The whole project, through designed furniture, openwork planes, play of light and subdued colors with a contrasting shade of red, introduces an atmosphere referring to Polish traditions. The main inspiration came from traditional Polish embroidery shown in the construction details of the woodwork and the modern design of canvas bags that we can take with us.

Pawilon promocji polskiej turystyki

polish tourism promotion pavilion

© Aleksandra Groblewska

The structure of the pavilion is distinguished by its open spatial composition, a path of experience through the various senses. The open composition blends in with the surroundings, and at the same time draws attention with its unusual form.


Illustrations: © Author

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