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Zuzanna Marta Slawinska - "Development of space in the vicinity of the mill in Celejów-Iłki"

13 of October '23
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2023

Zuzanna Marta Slawinska

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Gdańsku
Dr. Rafal Setlak

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Diploma Architecture"

The subject of my work is the development of the riverside area in the vicinity of the mill in Celejów-Iłki. The mill is located near the Bystra River and the village of Wąwolnica, in Puławy County, Lublin Province. Part of the Wąwolnica municipality belongs to the Kazimierski National Park.

The mill formerly water, today electric is still in operation, and its daily milling of grain is about 2 tons. It is one of the main points on the Bystra River Water Mill Trail. The hosts offer visitors to see the inside of the mill, organize bonfires with sausages and events related to the beginning and end of the fishing season, they also offer fresh milk from a cow, scones or homemade cheese.

zdjęcia przestrzeni


© Zuzanna Marta Sławińska

The riverside space in the vicinity of the mill is characterized by an abundance of greenery and trees, as well as seasonal spillways, as the water level in the river changes with the seasons. What distinguishes this space is the fairy-tale, mysterious and dark atmosphere, which encourages visitors to visit and feel the entire landscape with all their senses.

Walkers, bicyclists and anglers visit this place on a regular basis; however, the space is not used by kayakers, due to the lack of infrastructure that would allow them to traverse this stretch. The solution I designed is to launch a canoe route on the Bystra River Watermill Trail and to allow safe crossing of a section of the river in the vicinity of the mill in Celejów-Iłki.

droga projektowa

project process

© Zuzanna Marta Sławińska

For more than five hundred years, watermills have formed an important part of the landscape of riverside areas in the Lublin Province. Driven by wheels or water turbines, they served as grain processing facilities and positively influenced the formation of the rural landscape over the years. Using the river current as a natural source of energy, the mills interacted with nature and were a kind of connection between nature and man.

układ przestrzenno-funkcjonalny

spatial and functional layout

© Zuzanna Marta Sławińska

The main function of this concept is a canoe haven. Canoeists arriving there can safely paddle up on either side to wooden platforms submerged in the water, so they can be sure that the water current will not prevent them from disembarking. Then, lifting the canoe in two people, they can carry it to the riverbank. In addition, the platform has a resting function one can lean back, sit or lie down on specially designed seats, slanted backrests connected to the platform and flexible nets. The nets are on three levels: the ones furthest from the shore allow you literally to feel the water in the river, since they are at the level of its mirror. Sitting down, under the influence of elastic force, you can slightly immerse yourself in the water, feel its smell, temperature and current. Thanks to the fact that the nets are attached on each side to the pier structure, the solution is also safe for the youngest users. The second level of nets is slightly above the water level we do not have direct contact with the water, but we can listen to its noise and gaze at the frame of the sky, which is framed by the treetops. The third level of nets has been arranged at a slant so that we can lean back comfortably and admire the space from all sides. Around the aforementioned elements are seats and backrests made of perforated sheet metal. The perforated material allows the view of the water mirror.



© Zuzanna Marta Sławińska

The entire form is also connected to the road and bridge, using the same material. The new steel structure of the bridge and the perforated sheet laid on it, allows users to observe the rush of water of the Bystra River. In addition, at dusk and dawn the bridge is a place for anglers.

Zuzanna Marta SŁAWIŃSKA

Illustrations: © Author

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