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Aleksandra Brzezinska - "Rock Oasis of Creativity - office and living space design".

04 of June '24
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2023

Aleksandra Brzezińska

Wydział Sztuk Pięknych Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu
Dr. Marcin Podskarbi

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma".

The theme of my work is the design of a rental house built inside a cliff. It is located on the west coast of Iceland by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In the project I wanted to create harmony between nature and human activity, and show that seemingly even difficult to adapt spaces can be developed for human use without devastating the natural qualities of the landscape. Such a project will be perfect for people who appreciate the opportunity to be in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.



© Aleksandra Brzezinska

The house I designed has two faces. One located on the side of the ocean and the other being in depth on the side of the rocks. This duality allows for a kind of harmony, reminiscent of the metaphysical view of yin and yang, which in this project is reflected by day and night.

wizualizacja baru

visualization of the bar

© Aleksandra Brzezinska

"Day" is the part of the house that overlooks the ocean. It is in this part that the household members spend time together. In this zone there is a living room with a dining room. The rooms of this part were designed to harmonize with the view outside the window, which was the determinant of my choice of lighter colors and rounded shapes. In my opinion, such a choice of materials works well for people's well-being and thus these rooms are more frequented during the day. The color scheme of the rooms chosen in this way conveys a feeling of transparency and spaciousness, which is further enhanced by the stretching boundlessness of the ocean. The whole gives the impression of boundlessness and triggers feelings of freedom. The use of golden colors deepens this impression by bringing warmth and triggers associations associated with sunshine.

wizualizacja salonu

visualization of the living room

© Aleksandra Brzezinska

"Night" is the part of the house located in depth on the side of the rocks. It mainly contains the bedrooms of the householders. The use of dark colors in these rooms gives them a unique atmosphere and perfectly harmonizes with the texture of the walls. The use of such a range of colors builds a unique atmosphere and adds a confidential and intimate mood to the rooms. The use of gold-colored elements in these interiors, harmonizes with the day rooms. In addition, these elements avoid the impression of being overwhelmed and give a more cozy effect. The use of a dark color palette emphasizes the specificity of the cliff itself.

wizualizacja pokoju gościnnego, widok na część sypialnianą

Visualization of the guest room, view of the bedroom area

© Aleksandra Brzezinska

The house is currently inhabited by five tenants, who are engaged in running a channel on the YouTube platform. Two couples and one editor live in the house. All tenants are between the ages of 22 and 25. They spend most of the day away from their current residence, as they record various types of videos in nearby towns and in the surroundings of the remarkable Icelandic nature. For them, the house is, on the one hand, a place to rest, relax and spend their free time together in various activities, and on the other hand, a place where they refine their projects, edit their films and exchange their ideas at meetings.

wizualizacja biblioteczki

visualization of the library

© Aleksandra Brzezinska

The house has two levels. The rooms have been selected so that each of the household members is provided with an appropriate standard, under which is understood a zone of rest and relaxation. For the sake of the work carried out by the tenants, I have included a room such as the editing room, where the photographic studio is located. The separation of these rooms makes it possible to minimize disturbance during the work of editing and processing of films and photos. The photo studio is an essential room in the work of homebuilders for professional photo shoots to promote their films on social media. Equipping the building with a well-stocked studio will avoid the hassle of lighting, selection of frames or backgrounds.

wizualizacja schodów

staircase visualization

© Aleksandra Brzezinska


Illustrations: © Author

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