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Karolina Sommerfeld - "Urban Interior".

18 of October '23
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2023
Author: Karolina Sommerfeld
University: Faculty of Design Arts of the Jan and Jędrzej Śniadecki University of Technology in Bydgoszcz.
Promoter: Dr. Agnieszka Mierzwa

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2022/2024".

The subject of the thesis is the revitalization of Piast Square in Bydgoszcz, more specifically, the creation of an urban interior concept. Piast Square is located in the central district of Downtown, and its creation dates back to the second half of the 19th century; it was originally named Elisabeth Square, in honor of Elisabeth Ludwika, the wife of the then reigning King Frederick William IV of Prussia. The plan was to divide the square into a square and a shopping area, but before World War I, the Sacred Heart Church was erected in the place of the square.

Widok z góry na plac Piastowski w Bydgoszczy

Top view of Piast Square in Bydgoszcz

© Karolina Sommerfeld

The function of commerce has developed and transformed over the years, from designated trading days to all-week trading, which continues to this day. Years of changes in infrastructure, a completely different mentality and awareness of users have left this place in need of a metamorphosis that will respond to the current needs of the local community and restore the splendor of Elizabeth Square.

Rzut placu Piastowskiego w Bydgoszczy

A projection of Piast Square in Bydgoszcz

© Karolina Sommerfeld

Extensive functional, compositional and communication analyses led to the concept of a place that combines harmony and clarity of form, but at the same time has bionic elements. The result is a facility that houses two elongated pavilions, with as many as forty commercial booths available for permanent trade. In addition, there are benches on the north and south sides that have seats of varying heights, where temporary trade can also take place.

Wejście główne

main entrance

© Karolina Sommerfeld

The project includes parking spaces around the site, as well as in the underground parking lot, in order to organize the space and improve the user experience. The entrance to the underground parking lot is from Piast Square Street, the exit - from Szczepana Jankowskiego Street.

Strefa rekreacji

recreation zone

© Karolina Sommerfeld

In addition, right next to the shopping pavilions, a covered space is provided for bicycle parking, which is separated by a partition made of vertical panels. There are also toilets for women, men, people with disabilities and a place for breastfeeding women with children.

Strefa rekreacji

recreation zone

© Karolina Sommerfeld

The development is mostly glazed, has partially translucent areas, and the numerous openings add lightness and correspond and blend well with the surroundings. The building is covered entirely with naturally colored brick, which refers in color to the neighboring buildings.

Strefa odpoczynku

rest area

© Karolina Sommerfeld

Inside, a meeting and rest area has been located, which is filled with greenery and elements of small architecture for the recreation of the local community and beyond. This is not the only greenery element used in the project - the concept envisages the use of an extensive roof solution, which will further enrich the landscape, especially for those living on the upper floors of the townhouses.

Stoisko z przetworami

preserves stand

© Karolina Sommerfeld

The form of trade itself was also meticulously analyzed, and a division appeared between permanent trade - in pavilions, and temporary trade - outside, under the covered part of the development. The project presented various trade stands, taking into account the type of items sold, these are vegetables and fruits, dairy products, baked goods and preserves, in turn.

Stoisko z pieczywem

bread stand

© Karolina Sommerfeld

A convenience for sellers has also been introduced - separate entrances to the stands, which will facilitate the use and carrying out of deliveries. For shoppers, rest areas located inside the shopping pavilions are designed, equipped with low and high tables, as well as chairs and hockers.

Elewacje obiektu z pawilonami

elevations of the facility with pavilions

© Karolina Sommerfeld

The designed space is intended for users of different ages, and the easy access and clear division of zones is expected to increase interest and encourage use by the largest possible audience.

Widok na bryłę budynku

view of the body of the building

© Karolina Sommerfeld

The work's theme draws attention to the aesthetic and social benefits of carrying out revitalization. It also consists of thoughts and tips on what to pay attention to during revitalization activities in order to make them successful.


Illustrations: © Author

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