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Marcin Stępień - "Spatial and functional development strategy for Kluczbork".

11 of June '24

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Diploma Architecture".

The main ideas of the project are the introduction of a clear boundary of the city's development; expansion and integration of green infrastructure; restoration of the city's water system and its integration with green areas; highlighting and protecting the existing green wedge; increasing the number and connection of public spaces into a common system; focusing on the renovation and enhancement of the quality of post-German buildings as cultural heritage, bringing out their characteristic qualities; The creation of new high-quality collective living spaces giving residents a better alternative than single-family houses; increasing the quality of existing modernist settlements and areas in the center to encourage people to live in these areas; opportunities for the emergence of new varieties, the development of existing ones and the restoration of the former qualities of the cultural landscape as a local legacy and tradition.

Kluczbork stan istniejący

Kluczbork existing state

© Marcin Stępień

Kluczbork is a medium-sized city with the importance of an important regional center; it is the seat of the municipal and district authorities. Like many cities of this size, however, it has a lot of problems, mainly related to the outflow of population from the center to the rapidly growing suburban areas of mono-functional single-family housing estates. This is followed by an increasing amount of vehicular traffic caused by daily commuting. This results in increasing demands for parking lots, with the impoverishment of public spaces and their disfigurement by ubiquitous cars.

analiza komunikacji przedprojektowa analiza komunikacji poprojektowa

pre-design and post-design communication analysis

© Marcin Stępień

A shopping mall built on the outskirts in recent years has contributed to leveling the share of service functions in the center. Another big problem in Kluczbork is the inadequate management of green areas. Areas are being unreflectively "revitalized", trees are being cut down, leading to the desolation of the city and the impoverishment of the natural environment. An important element of the system is the green wedge based on the valley and water system of the Stobrawa and Młynówka rivers. However, its potential is not fully utilized.

analiza zieleni przedprojektowa analiza zieleni poprojektowa

pre-project and post-project greenery analysis

© Marcin Stępień

Kluczbork needs a bold plan showing how to act to prevent the aforementioned problems. This plan would become the basis for further work on a new study for the city and on local spatial development plans. The presented spatial and functional development strategy plan is a constructive response to the above-mentioned problems of Kluczbork.

aksonometria projektu

axonometry of the project

© Marcin Stępień

The sprawl of the city into endless neighborhoods of single-family houses is solved by setting clear boundaries for city development. The demand for new residential development is planned to be met by the creation of new neighborhoods that combine multiple functions and development typologies. They are to form self-sufficient areas with all basic functions. In addition, increasing the density and saturating the already existing fabric with services is likely to prevent the degradation of these areas. The old city area, like similar areas in other cities, is inhabited by a homogeneous social group, which leads to many social problems.

obszar projektowany przy ulicy Byczyńskiej obszar projektowany przy ulicy Byczyńskiej

Projected area on Byczynska Street

© Marcin Stępień

Improving the quality of the development and the space would give a chance to diversify social groups and create a pleasant living space for all. Green areas will be enlarged and, with the help of mostly uncovered watercourses, combined into a single blue-green infrastructure. The green wedge will be more accessible thanks to more paths and recreational areas. Also, the restoration of the canal-flowing watercourse north of the old town would provide an opportunity to create a green boulevard surrounding the center of Kluczbork. Combining green areas into one cohesive organism will increase the city's potential in many aspects.

obszar projektowany przy ulicy Marii Konopnickiej obszar projektowany przy ulicy Marii Konopnickiej

Projected area on Marii Konopnickiej Street

© Marcin Stępień

An extremely important assumption of the project is also to educate and create space for discussion on the existing post-German legacy in the city and its role in shaping a friendly city able to respond to all the needs of residents and users.


Illustrations: © Author

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