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Alicja Maculewicz and Emilia Dziagelewska - Genoa dormitory project

19 of February '20

Students of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Arts in Poznań have won third place in a competition to design a dormitory in the historic center of Genoa, Italy. Congratulations!

The goal of the #GENOACALL competition was to design a student dormitory for the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Genoa. According to the guidelines, the newly-built project at Sorzano Square should fit into the medieval character of the city and relate to the nearby port while not sacrificing contemporary solutions.

underground student house

Alicja Maculewicz and Emilia Dzięgelewska wanted to draw attention to the social value of the medieval center. An important premise of their project was to maintain open space and view axes. The authors set the dormitory on the slope of Sorzano Square, surrounded bycarrughi - winding medieval streets. In this way, the building found itself not only in the ground, but also in the fabric of the historic part of Genoa.

© Alicja Maculewicz, Emilia Dzięgelewska

The building, with its limestone facade, has been divided into two zones: an underground one with some apartments and common spaces, and an above-ground one in the form of an observation tower and a café. The building's sunny courtyard not only concentrates student life, but also allows access to the apartments from the gallery level, and by introducing a large skylight, it brightens the floors hidden below ground level.

© Alicja Maculewicz, Emilia Dzięgelewska

There are two staircases leading to the underground part of the building, one of which transforms into a viewing tower, also serving the function of ventilation of the underground. The -1 and -2 floors contain private rooms, common spaces, a library, gym, laundry and playroom.
One corner of the building, by raising the facade above ground level, creates space for a public cafe, creating a strong counterpoint to the observation tower.

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illustrations courtesy of Alicja Maculewicz and Emilia Dzięgelewska

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