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We know the result of the competition for the best student bathroom design

30 of April '24

Voting for the Audience Award - the best interior design for the bathroom of a single-family house made at the Cracow University of Technology- has ended. This is another edition of the audience vote.

The poll included 30 projects admitted to the exhibition. You can see all the works below and live in the building of the Faculty of Architecture at PK. The challenge for the students was to design the interior of the master bathroom in a single-family house. The conceptual design of the interior of the master bathroom was part of the design of a single-family house carried out under the theme HOUSE, OR GAME WITH SIXPON All the works participating in the competition can be seen on the Architecture & Business portal.

Architecture & Business covered the event under its patronage, and in late March and early April this year gave a vote to its male and female readers, announcing a competition for the Audience Award. Male and female Internet users could vote for a month for their favorite bathroom design.

Architectural competitions are a common teaching method today. In addition to imparting knowledge, architectural education should open minds and fight to keep students' enthusiasm. It seems that supporting students' participation in the competition and promoting their success is an effective method. Enriching the traditional method of teaching architectural design with lectures by specialists allowed students to gain knowledge, gather a set of additional tools so they know where to look for information and solutions," Professor Anna Melnik pointed out.

voting results

On the podium of the competition were three works that were the only ones to receive more than a thousand votes. The third place on the podium was won by Anna Stepaniak. Her work received 1056 votes.

trzecie miejsce zdobyła Anna Stepaniak

The third place was won by Anna Stepaniak

© Anna Stepaniak

The second place on the podium was won by Daria Dziób, whose work received 1215 votes.

drugie miejsce zdobyła Daria Dziób

second place was won by Daria Dziób

© Daria Dziób

First place went to Jakub Targosz, who won a record 1311 votes, becoming the winner of the public vote. The winner will receive a diploma and a one-year subscription to A&B.

największą liczbę głosów uzyskała łazienka autorstwa Jakuba Targosza

The highest number of votes was received by the bathroom by Jakub Targosz

© Jakub Targosz

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

The vote has already been cast