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QUATRO ILUMINARE lamp - a distinguished project by students of Gdansk University of Technology

02 of May '24

Kacper Bernat, Oliwia Kłos and Mateusz Fuks - students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology - won an honorable mention in the competition "Lighting fixtures for public and commercial spaces", organized by the Polish Lighting Industry Association. Their work "Quatro iluminare" was recognized for its simplicity of form and design. The students created a universal lighting system related to public transportation.



© Kacper Bernat, Oliwia Kłos, Mateusz Fuks

project idea

The competition "Lighting fixtures for public and commercial spaces" was decided in February 2024, which we wrote about on our portal:,27539.html The awarded project "Quatro iluminare" proposes practical solutions that can be used in public transportation. This transport is undoubtedly one of the main branches of future sustainable development.

By using a bus, streetcar, train or subway, we contribute to reducing emissions and traffic jams caused by excessive car traffic. However, while staying at bus stations, train stations or subway stations, we often experience danger. These include underpasses, long tunnels, escalators or platform platforms. One reason for passengers' discomfort may be insufficient lighting of public spaces.

An incentive to use public transportation more and more often can be to take care of proper lighting, not only to illuminate the space, but also to create a unique "experience path."



© Kacper Bernat, Oliwia Kłos, Mateusz Fuks

main design considerations

QUATRO ILUMINARE lamp, thanks to its simplicity, allows you to create a variety of light installations. One of the main features of this lighting is its universal character, allowing it to adapt to any space thanks to the modular system, which can be adapted to the needs of the investor.

An important feature of the design is also its functionality. QUATRO ILUMINARE can be a lamp that provides light both horizontally and vertically (as a wall or ceiling lamp). There is also an option to install an additional frame with a polycarbonate diffuser. It is also worth mentioning the integrated emergency information system, allowing the lamp to emit red light in emergency situations.



© Kacper Bernat, Oliwia Kłos, Mateusz Fuks

design and materials used

The QUATRO ILUMINARE lamp is a simple and coherent structure. Its basic elements are two sheets of perforated stainless steel measuring 48 cm x 48 cm, in which holes of 2 cm x 2 cm are placed. These two sheets are connected to each other by a 5 cm wide steel frame, which makes it possible to hide the LED light source. The power cable is routed through a small hole in the frame and connected to the power source. Installation of the lighting is done using hooks and wall plugs. To achieve the effect of backlighting the background, the lamp was moved away from the wall by 5 centimeters.

The use of perforated stainless steel sheet allows to create a solid and durable structure, resistant to various types of damage, while being a lightweight and easy to install form. This material is also resistant to corrosion, which guarantees the proposed degree of protection IP65.


cross section

© Kacper Bernat, Oliwia Kłos, Mateusz Fuks

The source of light in this project is Kanlux STRIP LCOB LED strip, characterized by an even distribution of light. Two color temperatures are proposed: cold (5000K - day) and warm (3000K - night), as well as an additional red light.

widok eksplodowany

exploded view

© Kacper Bernat, Oliwia Klos, Mateusz Fuks

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