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A joint vision of the city and sailors - a project by a doctoral student of the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology

06 of June '24
w skrócie
  1. The project to revitalize the seaside zone in Jelitkowo by Daria Sarol, a student at the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology, involves the consolidation of several plots of land in the area of the Spa Park.
  2. Plans call for developing the property on the border of Jelitkowo and Sopot for sailing purposes.
  3. Infrastructure includes a hangar, warehouses, a workshop, conference rooms and a hotel with a restaurant and gym.
  4. The project takes into account the preservation of the existing stand of trees or its addition if cut down.

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"The base of the Gdansk Sailing Club in Jelitkowo - revitalization of the seaside zone" is a work that is a voice in the discussion on the development of a fragment of one of Gdansk's districts located by the sea. The author {tag:studenci} from the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology proposed to merge several plots of land located in the Jelitkowo Spa Park area.



© Daria Salor

zoning plan

The president of the Gdansk Economic Development Agency - Alan Aleksandrowicz - specified the plans, regarding the development of this part of Jelitkowo:

We would like to develop two properties at the junction of almost Jelitkowo Park and Sopot. We are conducting analyses so that a multifunctional project could be carried out there. We look with envy a little at Sopot, at the Sopot Sailing Club. Let's face it, this is the last location where this kind of club could be built. I'm talking about easy access to the beach, to the water, where all sorts of vessels could be moved, dropped off and sailed.

The symbol of the merging of the plots proposed by the young architect is a traffic circle with a drawing of a wind rose inscribed in the pavement. The traffic circle divides the functions of the site into technical, i.e. the hangar, and recreational/residential, i.e. the hotel with accompanying facilities.

schemat decyzji projektowych

design decision diagram

© Daria Salor

The layout of the buildings on the project site results from the location of the hangar, positioned perpendicular to the route in the direction of the sea exit. Through the center of the hangar is a passage for cars, above which is a room intended, among other things, for the decoration of regatta winners.



© Daria Salor

ergonomics, guidelines and trees

The basis of the design was an analysis of the route of a competitor moving through the complex - examining where he or she would head first, what would make it easier for him or her, and what would be a hindrance. It was crucial to place the most important functions on the first floor level. To facilitate access to the storage facilities on the first floor, a platform was provided to transport equipment to the upper level. Included in the design are such functions as equipment storage, a boatbuilding workshop, a winners' decoration room in the hangar, as well as locker rooms, coaches' rooms, a regatta office with conference rooms, and hotel functions, a store, gym and restaurant in the hotel.



© Daria Salor

In order to comply with the guidelines of the Local Land Use Plan and to fit the project into the context of its surroundings, the buildings were designed with gabled roofs and a natural, non-contrasting color scheme - wood and concrete. The total usable area of the buildings is just under 2,000 m², and the area of the combined plots is 0.8 hectares. An important element of the concept was the preservation of the existing stand of trees or its supplementation in case of the need for partial cutting. The number of trees is significant, which posed a challenge in the free design and location of the development. In place of the removed trees, areas for new plantings were proposed.

widok z lotu ptaka

bird's eye view

© Daria Salor

sailing bases

The young architect's design for the Gdansk Sailing Club is in line with the City' s vision. It has been positively received by the Gdansk Agency for Economic Development, which decided to allocate the area for sailing purposes and lease it to three local clubs. Gdansk Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz stated:

We want to give the area, which in the zoning plan is earmarked for residential and service investments, for bases related to sailing in the broadest sense.

After the decision was made to include the sailing base in the zoning plan, the area was divided into three parts and allocated to three clubs - the Gdansk Sailing Club, 77 Racing and AZS AWFiS. The city plans to put the land at the sailing club's disposal for an interim period until 2025, and then lend it to them for another 20, 30 or even 50 years. This is important for the clubs investing in the site and creating the appropriate infrastructure.

koncepcja podziału terenu między kluby

The concept of dividing the land among the clubs

© Daria Salor

Work is currently underway on the design of bases for individual clubs. At the same time, regular meetings are held by the Gdansk Economic Development Agency to discuss progress. The Academic Sports Association AWFiS already has a concept for its base on the allocated land, and the design of the club building includes identifying elements such as the club's logo and griffin.

główny budynek AZS

AZS main building

© Daria Salor

elaborated: Aleksandra Skorupa

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