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ArchiPaper. Online premiere of award-winning architectural animation by Rafał Barnaś

06 of October '21

The short animation ArchiPaper by Rafal Barnaś of Unique Vision Studio has just completed its festival tour, winning many awards and nominations, and will be viewable online starting today. It is, as the author himself says, an experimental, non-commercial project that tells the story of architecture in an unconventional way.

Kadr z animacji

ArchiPaper was inspired by a mock-up of houses by BXB Studio

© Unique Vision Studio

animation appreciated around the world

ArchiPaper won at 14 international festivals, receiving awards in New York, Madrid, Toronto and Berlin, among others. At another 17 festivals, the picture was nominated or qualified as a semi-finalist, or finalist, at the prestigious 3D Awards CGarchitects. Another 34 festivals ArchiPaper finished with an official selection. In addition to the festivals, the animation was screened at many art institutions, universities and shows, and as of today we can see it online on the YouTube channel.

ArchiPaper now available to view online

© Unique Vision Studio

a story about architecture

ArchiPaper is an architect's experimental story about architecture. An attempt to find new stylistic means in telling about this area of art [...]. I worked on the set of a film presenting the creative achievements of my brother, Boguslaw Barnaś, an architect and founder of BXB Studio. During the shooting I had mock-ups of the projects, including a model of the unique Polish Homestead house, currently under construction. I thought - what if I tried to transform the project mock-up into a vibrant paper world? The task seemed fascinating to me, as I myself am enthusiastic about exploring and experimenting with stylistic means. I am attracted to combining traditional media with 3D graphics. Stop-motion animation, cartooning, 2D+ methods, SLR and 3D graphics," says Rafal Barnas.

Animacja przed
i po zmianie komputerowej ArchiPaper przed i po produkcji

The author turned a mock-up of a house into a vibrant painting.
The illustrations show the process of working on the animation

© Unique Vision Studio

It was a big challenge for the author to operate with such unusual means of expression and to build with them an image that is both stylistically and compositionally coherent.

Kadr z filmu

The animation is entirely built from paper mock-ups

© Unique Vision Studio

As Rafał Barnaś points out, his idea was to depart from contemporary trends of intense narrative pace, so the individual, relatively static frames of the animation unhurriedly weave their own non-literal story about architecture, allowing the viewer to immerse himself in an abstract reality. Interestingly, the music was also written and produced by the film's author.

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