Ada Jaśkowiec

Ada Jaskowiec, architect and urban planner, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Warsaw University of Technology (Eng.) and the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology (MA). She gained professional experience as an architect in Poland (Estudio Lamela) and Denmark (C.F. Moller).

She is currently working as an urban planner and landscape architect in the Netherlands (De Zwarte Hond, PosadMaxwan) for more than 5 years. Her professional work focuses on interdisciplinary integration, so she is able to provide solutions that take into account the various aspects of a project, such as architecture, urbanism and landscape.

In collaboration with Michal Strupinski, she won first place in the Europan 15 competition for Huta Warszawa with her project "Feedback Placemaking" (2019), winner of the Builder competition for Young Architects (2016), and finalist in the YAC "Hill of the Arts" (2020).

In her free time, she roams the lawns with her schnauzer Jagoda, does yoga and dance, and expands her Dutch lexicon.

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