Anna Gwiazda

I am a product designer, and in 2021 I graduated with honors from the Master's Degree in Design at the Faculty of Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, as well as from pedagogical studies. In design, the most important thing for me is the user. With the help of design methods, I select people and cases of behavior that, in my opinion, have not yet been adequately taken care of by the designer. For several years I have been working with psychologists and therapists during the design process. I am interested in design created based on knowledge of the human psyche. Both in responsible design for children, at the most critical moment of human development, and in objects for adults, I see an opportunity for global

I believe in a collective approach to design, combining multiple fields of study and drawing on diverse experiences and opinions. I want to analyze contemporary challenges from multiple angles to confront systemic constraints. I would like my designs to do justice to the individual. I also consider design as a medium to address social issues through speculative and critical design.

We function among objects naturally and interact with them reflexively, which is why objects are such an evocative medium for triggering discussion. I also redefine everyday objects, looking for undiscovered values in them. I decided to become a designer because I am fascinated by the impact of the world of objects on human reality. As my experience in design progressed, I realized how much good can be done through a responsibly designed object.

I believe that there is nothing ordinary about designing everyday objects. We function in a material world, a reality obsessed with materiality, and yet we still learn to appreciate natural raw materials, human labor and the impact of objects on our daily lives. I'm also interested in designing objects that engage people's senses, prompting them to reflect on the world of objects and help us have an internal dialogue.

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