Biuro Architektoniczne Adam Radzimski

BAAR are architects looking for individual, creative solutions on a micro and macro scale. We undertake activities in the field of architecture, urbanism, design and graphics. We carry out each task set before us professionally, which gives us the highest quality, and with passion, which results in original things. Creation is a demanding process, but thanks to our commitment we can meet any challenge. We create space, function, form, design and material, creating a coherent, unique product that meets the needs of investors. We accompany the entire design process, sharing our knowledge and experience.

BAAR is BA, which means architectural office, consisting of a collective: architects, graphic designers, constructors, HVAC designers, electricians, road engineers, real estate specialists.

BAAR is AR, or Adam Radzimski: the studio's founder, a young Silesian architect who gained professional experience in award-winning studios in Poland and abroad. Awarded many times.

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