Gierbienis + Poklewski

Gierbienis + Poklewski design studio was founded in 2016 by architects Marcin Gierbienis and Damian Poklewski- Koziello. Since its founding, the studio has won numerous awards in Polish and international architectural competitions, including YAC competitions for the design of The Pinocchio Children's library in Collodi and a chapel in Rwanda. They consider their most important project to be the educational building at the Marszewo Forest Botanical Garden in Gdynia, which is currently under construction.

The studio's leitmotif is architecture that is self-sufficient, sustainable in terms of energy, safe for people and the environment in which we live, and beautifully integrated into the surrounding landscape.

The architects emphasize a commitment to pro-environmental values, as well as the role of nature in design. They often use the principles of biophilia in the design process. These principles are particularly important in highly urbanized areas, where contact with the natural environment has been largely lost or nature is introduced into the urban landscape in an unplanned and reckless manner. Biophilic architecture today is becoming the answer to the problems of modern man. Its benefits are all the more important as the disappearance of human contact with nature is noticeable.

As they say, the main goal of architects' activity should always be to achieve not only a building that fulfills its function, but also to improve the psychophysical condition of the recipient and create appropriate, friendly living conditions with respect for the environment.

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