Makao Home


Welcome to my interior design studio MAKAO HOME, which I founded in 2011.

By education I am a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, I have a master's degree in engineering. In addition to the technical university, I have completed many courses related to the interior design industry.

Over the years I have gained a wealth of practical experience, working on a wide variety of projects. My work has been recognized in publications in interior design magazines and in many articles on industry portals.

Interior design is my long-standing passion, in which I harmoniously combine a technical approach with a sense of aesthetics. I follow news and trends by taking part in trade fairs, while in my designs I try to go beyond fads and create timeless interiors. I love the original juxtaposition of old and new, natural materials, the use of art in the interior, interesting play of textures and colors. I enriched my individual style while living in Sweden, where I got to know Scandinavian design and the local ability to arrange unpretentious, beautiful interiors. Also in Sweden I became acquainted with the knowledge of home-staging.

I always carefully listen to the expectations of the investor, even those very unusual, resulting in tailored interiors, functional and with character.

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